Yesterday was Madrigal’s first day of “school”:

[48.???] first day of "school"

It isn’t really school, of course, but she is spending 3 hours every morning in the Nido community at our local Montessori school. It is SUCH a great environment for her, and she seems to be handling the transition as well as we could possibly have expected. Like many Montessori schools, her school likes to have the natural world be a big part of classroom life, and as such, they requested that each family bring a houseplant for their child to keep at school. I hope I never forget the delightfully wacky, hilarious sight that was a bunch of families, all walking towards the school with their little ones, all carrying various houseplants. For her first day, we snapped a picture of Maddy and her houseplant (acquired at the last minute, since we don’t keep plants in the house thanks to our overly curious/destructive cats).

Maddy loved this wooden rattle toy.

I’ve now taught my freshman writing class 3 times, and I’m really loving the group of students I’ve got in my class. I really enjoy working with first-semester freshmen – they are just so…fresh! Eager! Excited! And I hope I can help them carry that excitement through the rest of the semester. We had a bit of a rocky start with Blackboard (oh, Blackboard, how I loathe thee!), but I think we’ve got all the bumps smoothed over now and I’m just so grateful to my students for making the transition back to teaching easier for me than it could’ve been. Not that it’s that easy even still.

I’m still getting used to balancing things with this new schedule. It’ll probably be a few weeks before we’re really into a good rhythm, and I imagine I’ll keep feeling exhausted for the forseeable future. It’s a little weird, having my daughter spend her mornings with people who aren’t me or her daddy, but I think it is good for her! (Even though I can’t help but be curious what she’s up to all morning!)

The weather has still been horribly hot and humid, but it looks like this weekend we may get a very-much-wished-for transition into more Autumn-like weather. Fall has always been my favorite time of year, so I’m getting myself through these miserable sticky days by dreaming of the cool, crisp weather that lies ahead. Here’s hoping that before it gets TOO cool, I find the time to knit and sew some more cool-weather garments for Maddy – she won’t be able to rock the pantsless look for too much longer! I did get a chance to cast on for her mini-Vahtralehed last weekend, so perhaps she’ll at least have a cardigan to keep her warm in the near future:

[45.???] mini-me.

Seeing the stitch patterns from my sweater at this new tiny gauge is just unbelievably adorable, and I’m afraid I might just die of the cuteness once the whole thing is finished. Hilariously, the difference in gauge meant that the cast-on numbers for her sweater and my sweater only differed by 2 stitches! But babies are proportioned a bit differently than grownups, so I won’t be able to just follow my grown-up pattern for her sweater. But that’s ok – ideally I’ll be able to put together a pattern in multiple sizes for the baby version to publish and sell alongside the grownup version. We’ll see.

One other big upcoming transition: I’ve made an appointment to chop a LOT of my hair off this Saturday morning. I’ve been wearing my hair long for almost my entire life (with one foray into just-above-shoulder-length just after high school), but it’s just getting to be such a pain; it takes so long to dry, and with Maddy being quite the grabby baby, I always have to put it up while it’s still wet, which means it NEVER gets to dry, and the weight of my pinned-up hair ends up giving me headaches, so I figure now’s a perfect time to make a big change on that front. I’m slightly terrified, but I think it’ll be a positive change! Wish me luck?

6 thoughts on “transitions”

  1. Good luck! I just recently cut off half my hair after spending my whole life (my one foray into shorter was right before high school), and it was an excellent decision for me. Hope you love yours too!

  2. Houseplant? Fascinating! Maybe my classroom needs more plants in it too…..hm…..

    Good luck with the snippity-snip! I’m sure it’ll be just adorable and you’ll love it. And there are lots of cute ways to pin it back without a lot of trouble. And it feels just lovely to swish your head around! :)

  3. Good luck! I’ll say that I adore my non-existent hair :) And also that we loved our Montessori daycare/school experience, for both our girls. They really got a huge amount out of it, all the way from babies through grade school. One of the best things, I always thought, was that they knew that there were many adults out there in the world, loving them and looking out for them. Congrats on easing back into teaching so well!

    1. Thank you! I didn’t end up going quite “non-existent” short, but I’m really loving the new short hair!

      Madrigal is SO happy at her Montessori daycare, which makes me so happy. I do love knowing that she has so many other adults (and slightly older kids, too) who love her and take good care of her. I really hope we can keep her in a Montessori environment throughout her early school years (we’ll just have to see where we end up, job-wise).


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  4. Good luck with the hair-chopping! I also have had long hair most of my life, but in college I went short — like, boy-short. It was awesome! So liberating! No more brushing, or drying, or pulling hair out from under a sweater collar only to have it spring up into a staticky sphere! My favorite short hair surprise was how the wind feels — without all the heavy insulating hair, the breeze gets right down to your roots and it’s the most refreshing feeling. (Very cold in the winter though, but that’s what knitted hats are for!)

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