I’m still working on the Garter Rib cardigan. Shawl-collared sweaters are deceptive little beasts – you finish the body and you think you’re almost done, but no no, you’ve still got a giant button-band/collar to work up! But progress is progress and I’ll finish it soon. At least, I hope I will.

I’ll be teaching again this semester, for the first time since before Maddy was born. My class starts Thursday. Maddy will be going to a Montessori nursery program every morning (though her school doesn’t start until the week after mine!), but I’ll still be trying to balance working at home with her in the afternoons on the days I’m not teaching (my husband will be doing the afternoon balancing act on the days that I do teach!). I’m sure the transition will be a bit bumpy, but I’m hoping that over the next few weeks we can settle into a rhythm that still has room for a little bit of knitting and crafting time.

Because boy, do I want some crafting time! I have SO many ideas of things to make for Maddy. I got a small start on one of them this weekend, after breaking my toe, which forced me to spend quite a bit of time on the couch icing my foot (and is NOT exactly how I was hoping to start out the new semester, especially since my classroom is all the way across campus from my office!):

[36.???] plotting...

That’s the maple leaf motif I designed for Vahtralehed. The yarn is Beaverslide’s 2-ply Sport/Sock weight yarn, the same yarn I used for the memorial sweaters, in a color they call “Lake Josephine Heather” – it’s SO similar (but not quite the same) as the color I used for my sweater, and I’m hoping to make a mini version of it for Maddy to wear at Rhinebeck when we go there this fall.

With all of my foot-icing time on the couch, I was able to finish the swatch this weekend:

[38.???] swatch!

I used size 3 needles to get a gauge that worked well for the lace motif, and (as expected and intended, given the finer yarn weight and smaller needles) it turned out smaller than the leaves on my own sweater:

for a sense of scale

But maybe not enough smaller. I’m not sure that leaf will fit in the yoke depth I’ll need for a sweater that fits Maddy well. But I’ve got some ideas for how to work around that. Maybe a centered maple leaf in the back, and some smaller nupp-lace motifs around the main part of the yoke? I’ve seen some in my Estonian Lace book that look (if you squint at them enough, at least!) a bit like the little “helicopters” that carry maple seeds through the air – maybe with some fiddling I could make something out of those! We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “plotting”

  1. Sorry to hear about your toe. Hopefully, it doesn’t keep you on the couch for too much longer.

    Good luck transitioned into the semester and figuring out that sweater.

  2. I also love the helicopter/seed baby version! I’ve also heard a rumor that babies grow, so you could also just go ahead and make a version with the full maple leaves, and wait until Maddie fits it. :)

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