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things i make (and design!) for maddy: even more maddypants!

These have actually been finished for 3 weeks, I’ve just not been able to find the time to take pictures and blog about them until recently. Oh, life. It’s been totally crazy lately. Anyway, the Maddypants, they are finished:

finished maddypants

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: from my head
Yarn: BC Garn Semilla DK (one skein each in two different blues)
Needles: Size 5 and Size 3 Knitpicks Harmony dpns
Time to knit: About two weeks

It’s been tricky, trying to get modeled shots of these, since Maddy’s gotten quite mobile these days…

in motion

But they fit her quite nicely:

Maddypants in action

I love the subtle striping:


If you’re paying extra close attention to the photos, you might notice the short rows that make the rear part of the wool shorts longer than the front part – the colored stripes are the same height (2 garter ridges) on the front, but one of the colors is 4 garter ridges high for each stripe on the back.

As I think I mentioned in a previous post, I created these pants by knitting the front first, then decreasing for the crotch, then increasing again to a wider width for the back. I essentially knit the back flat, too (which makes garter stitch really easy to do, since you’re just knitting every row), but I knit the final stitch of each row together with the edge stitch I’d created (by doing a sl1, p1 edge on the front) from the front, which gave me a faux-seam that looks like this:

finished maddypants

I finished the leg openings and the waistband by picking up stitches and knitting 10 rows in 2×2 rib, then a purl turning row, and then reversing the rib for 10 more rows, finally knitting the last row together with the backs of the picked up stitches and binding off at the same time (whew! Did that actually make sense?). For the waistband, I didn’t join to knit in the round until after I’d done the first 10 rows of ribbing, which gave me an opening into which I plan to stitch a button and insert some buttonhole elastic for extra adjustability (but I haven’t done that yet):

finished maddypants

I think these pants would make a wonderful soaker (over a prefold), though for now we’re using them more for cuteness (plus some additional leak-proofing) over her GroVia diapers. I’m hoping to put together a more detailed tutorial for knitting a custom-sized pair of these for any baby. So, keep your eye on the blog for more details on making a pair of these for a baby of your acquaintance – given the speed at which I’m able to work these days, it may be awhile, but I promise it’s coming!

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