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maddypants in progress

The teensy swatch from my last post has grown up to be this:

i appear to have knit

No, it isn’t a pair of handknit granny panties (I love wool, but I don’t love wool THAT much!)…it’s a diaper cover for Maddy, minus the leg and waist ribbing. I decided I wanted to knit her a pair of wool shorts that were mostly garter stitch, because I love the squishy soft feeling of garter stitch and it’s got quite a bit of inherent stretch, which is handy when you’ve got a bulky cloth-diapered bottom to cover.

I started out by drawing up a little schematic with Google Drawings:


As you might be able to read (the font size is awfully tiny, sorry!) in the schematic, the idea is to start out knitting the front, do some rapid (every row) decreasing at the crotch, and then some less rapid (every other row) increasing out to a wider back piece. Then I joined the front to the back as I knit, which let me have a “seamless” garter stitch short without the pain of doing garter in the round. (Which isn’t ACTUALLY painful, but I’ll do a fair amount of weird construction to avoid large amounts of purling!)

subtle stripes

Mmm, squishy garter goodness! I’m using two fairly close shades of blue, in an organic yarn sent to me by a swap partner. 4 rows (so 2 garter ridges) per color, with the yarn carried up the side. I love it.

diaper cover + foot

(Apparently I thought it would be helpful to have my foot in the picture, for a sense of scale? I don’t know, I blame sleep deprivation for my odd photo-styling choices!) I’ll be picking up (with much smaller needles) around the leg holes for leg ribbing, and then again around the top of the shorts for waist ribbing. I’ve actually already started the leg ribbing:

starting the leg ribbing

In fact, last night I finished the first leg, and it’s perfect! I picked up stitches around the leghole in 2×2 ribbing, knit for 10 rows, did a purled turning row, and then reversed the rib for 10 more rows before picking up the back sides of the picked up stitches and knitting them together with the stitches I was binding off. I’m not sure if that sentence actually makes sense, but anyway, the end result was a nice doubled ribbed leg cuff.

My plan for the waistband is to knit the first (outside) half of the ribbing flat, then join and knit a turning row in the round and continue in the round until I bind off. This will make a little “hole” in the ribbing at the side, into which I plan to stitch a button or two, and insert buttonhole elastic to enable some adjustability.

We’ll see how it all turns out, but so far I’m pretty happy with how my initial plan is working out.

2 thoughts on “maddypants in progress”

  1. You sure are pretty clever for a sleep-deprived woman. It’s definitely the inspiration fueled by Maddy. Plus it’s sure is beautiful! I do so love blue.

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