things i make for maddy

things I make for Maddy: even more Maddypants!

But this time, I sewed them instead of knitting them. That’s right, I sewed!

what i did today

My friend Kris came over yesterday to walk me through the process of sewing a pair of Rae’s Big Butt Baby Pants. Since my girl is a giant (no, seriously: she’s over 21 pounds and almost 30″ long at just over 6 months!), we made the 18 month size for her. This was my first time sewing since before I was pregnant with Maddy; I’d been taking part in a newbie quilting bee at that time and learning quite a bit, but then injured my back, and it healed just in time for the first trimester yuckiness to make me feel like not doing anything at all. So, I was a bit rusty on the sewing front. Good thing Kris is a great teacher!

The first seam I sewed was that crazy butt-gusset seam. Eeek! But I did ok. Isn’t it cute?

big butt baby pants - back

The main fabric is some Essex cotton-linen blend, and the print is a Kokka cotton-linen blend with robots and cars on it!

big butt baby pants - back detail

Here’s a picture of the less-exciting front side of the pants, for good measure:

big butt baby pants - front

And here they are, modeled by Miss Maddypants herself:

big butt baby pants

I had so much fun putting these together. I’m really excited about the prospect of being able to make clothes for my girl. I don’t like a lot of what’s out there in terms of baby clothes (especially when it comes to issues relating to gender), and these pants aren’t like anything I could buy for her, you know?

10 thoughts on “things I make for Maddy: even more Maddypants!”

  1. The pants lookbeautiful! I’ve been wanting to make some for my own little girl. I, too, have issues with gender-specific clothing, ugh. I think you’ll have fun sewing for your girl, and you’ll also create some lovely keepsakes.

    1. Thank you! I am really excited about being able to sew M some cute stuff using prints that don’t scream “frilly princess!!”. Of course, just wait – once she’s old enough to choose her own clothes, she’ll probably want nothing but frilly princess gear, just to spite me :)


    1. Thanks, C! I’m really proud of these – they’re definitely the most complicated thing I’ve ever sewn and they came out so nice! Here’s to more sewing!


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