scenes from sunday

I’m really enjoying the “secular sabbath” approach I’ve been taking. I think the day offline is good for me – I feel calmer and more present, not just on the day I’m offline, but all the days.

I’m not sure if I’ll make a habit of it, but this particular “secular sabbath” I decided I’d take some pictures. So here are some scenes from my Sunday:

my first mother's day
My first Mother’s Day as a mama

cat in the window
Open windows with cats in them

homemade sourdough

Preparing to make soup

quiet time
Quiet Time

Maddy plays with the Skwinkle

Maddy touches her toes
Touching Toes

Hope y’all had a lovely Sunday, too.

2 thoughts on “scenes from sunday”

  1. Great pictures! The first Mother’s Day is one of the best. Maddy is adorable! Glad you had such a special, idyllic day.

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