garter rib cardigan

knitting for me

One benefit of reclaiming a little bit of my evening time with the floor-bed system I wrote about a couple posts back is that I can have a teensy bit of knitting time every night. While there’s a part of me that wants to do nothing but knit more Maddypants (and Maddysweaters, and Maddyhats, and so on), I thought it’d be nice to knit for myself again. Mamas need to take care of themselves, too, after all!

garter rib.

In case you can’t recognize it from the artsy-fartsy picture, that’s the sleeve for the second Garter Rib cardigan, the one I was obsessively knitting while I was pregnant with M. I never did finish it, so I’ve picked back up where I left off…partway through sleeve #1:


The repetitive simplicity of the garter rib is pretty much exactly what I need right now. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this sweater (I *do* plan to finish up the pattern for it, and publish it, too), but seeing as it’s about to be summer, I don’t much care how long it takes. I know I’m going to love it once it’s done – the squishy garter rib and the glorious heathered blue color of the Eco Wool are just perfection in my book.

In other news, I’ve been offline most of today (because our Internet connection’s been down), and I have to say, I kind of liked it, and I think I might do it again next week (but on purpose, and for all of the day). I’ve been thinking for a long time about having one “unplugged” day a week, and Sundays make sense to me, since they’re the day we do most of our bread-baking and soup-making and such in preparation for the week’s meals. So I might start having a sort of “secular sabbath”. I’d like to work on my Internet habits a bit, and I’d especially like to do so now that Madrigal’s in the picture. We’ll see how it goes.

maddy grabs the ring

Maddy turned 5 months old last week! I can’t believe that in just one month, she’ll have her half-birthday. Time flies!

3 thoughts on “knitting for me”

  1. Maddy is cute as a button! I love that shade of Eco Plus — I’m using it for an Aidez cardigan.

    I think some offline time is a great idea. I tend to pull the plug after 11 am on Sat. and Sun.

  2. I’ve tried to do a secular sabbath before and it’s always been either really difficult or a very good thing for me to do. I think everyone needs a break, it’s just figuring out how to get that break that’s hard!

  3. Just take it easy in doing things especially in knitting. Have some time to read and relax. Don’t hurry everything will be fine. :)

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