garter rib cardigan

knitting for me

One benefit of reclaiming a little bit of my evening time with the floor-bed system I wrote about a couple posts back is that I can have a teensy bit of knitting time every night. While there's a part of me that wants to do nothing but knit more Maddypants (and Maddysweaters, and Maddyhats, and… Continue reading knitting for me


cloth diapering: what works for us

I promised a post about cloth diapering, and here it is! Before Maddy was born, we decided we would rent newborn-sized diapers for her. This is because all of the "one-size" cloth diapers (the type with snaps that adjust the height of the rise) are pretty dang huge on a newborn, so we wanted diapers… Continue reading cloth diapering: what works for us