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Things I make for Maddy: Maddy-pants!

(Maddy-pants is one of the nicknames I use with my dear girl. I have no idea why I think appending “pants” to a name is funny, but I do.)

I knit a diaper cover for my little Madrigal!


Unfortunately, this kid is growing like a weed (already over 15 pounds at 3 months old!), and I chose a too-small size. C’est la vie. I can always knit bigger ones.

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Vanilla (but with some modifications)
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool
Needles: Size 5 and Size 3 Knitpicks Harmony dpns
Time to knit: Exactly a week (wow, that’s surprisingly fast given current circumstances!)

I’ve been wanting to make Maddy some knit “shorts” to wear over her big cloth diaper butt once it gets a little warmer and she’s no longer wearing sleepers all day long, and the Vanilla pattern seemed like a great place to start. It’s a really well-put-together pattern, with multiple size options in multiple gauges, but of course, me being me, I had to go and change things up. I just can’t follow a pattern to the letter, I don’t have it in me.

diaper cover

The primary change that I made was switching the ribbing at the legs and waist to 1×1 rib, rather than 2×2 rib. I did this just so that I could use a tubular bind off, because I’m just never happy with the stretchiness or appearance of bind-offs done in 2×2 rib.

tubular bind off

The other change I made was pretty minor: I simply substituted a s1, p1 edge when knitting the flat part of the diaper (if you have the pattern, you’ll know what I’m talking about), so that I’d have a nice edge to pick up stitches from when I did the leg ribbing (I just have this thing about the sl1, p1 edge, you see).

diaper cover

I switched to smaller needles when I picked up for the ribbing, and this created a nice, neat looking ribbed cuff. I also used smaller needles for the ribbing at the waist.

I love the yarn I used, by the way. It’s nice and wooly but not scratchy, and I know it’ll take a lanolin treatment like a pro (which will give it some added water-resistance). I’ve got a few skeins of it in this shade, plus a few in a dark brown shade, that I picked up several years ago when it was my habit to use the 50% off coupons for this particular yarn at JoAnn. I think the next pair I make for her will be dark brown. Because yes, there WILL be a next pair. And probably more after that.

My dear girl is 3 months old today! These 3 months have felt both like forever and like no time at all. So strange, what babies do to time.

5 thoughts on “Things I make for Maddy: Maddy-pants!”

  1. The concept of time will never be the same again! The diaper cover looks great and you have the cutest model. :) You did better than I did. My son will be 12 this year. I still have the yarn I bought for a 3-6 month size jumper that never got made up. He outgrew that size before I could even get started! It’s easier when the kids are older and sizes only change every season.

  2. You’re growing a gorgeous little girl there!

    And believe me, if you think three months goes quickly/slowly, try nearly 14, in high school, and five inches taller than her mama. I swear I just gave birth to her yesterday…

  3. This looks great. I think in the old days these knit diaper covers were called “soakers.” I seem to remember reading an article many years ago about them! Thanks for sharing your pattern.

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