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mama + daughter + stripes!

We had such gorgeous light coming through our upstairs window this morning, and with my husband working from home today, I figured we had the perfect opportunity for a babyStripes! photoshoot. Taking (clear) pictures of Maddy is definitely a 2-person job right now! For extra fun, I threw on my Stripes! sweater:

mama + daughter + stripes!

babyStripes! is still a tiny bit big on my dear Maddy (who is on the large side for a nearly 3-month old, which tells me that my sizing scheme for the pattern might be slightly off, since this is *supposed* to be 3 month sized!), and it still lacks a zipper (though I did buy a bright acid green one in the correct size, so it’s really a matter of finding the time). But it’s awesome nonetheless.

mama + daughter + stripes!

And I do love that I’ve now got photos of Maddy and I wearing both of our matching sweaters :)

mama + daughter + stripes!

I fully intend to knit another one of these for Maddy before Rhinebeck, in a larger size. I’ve also got ideas brewing for a baby-sized Vahtralehed cardigan…we’ll see!

12 thoughts on “mama + daughter + stripes!”

  1. Aw, that’s just too sweet! Love those colorful, cheerful stripes. Also, 3 month sizes are supposed to last for a while, aren’t they? (Like 3-6 months) Maybe your sizing is spot on!

    1. Thank you! I find baby sizing SO confusing…I had been thinking of this sweater as 0-3 month size, but I think it probably is more like a 3-6 month size!


  2. It seems like many healthy babies are “ahead” of those sizes. My kids certainly were in their first 12 months. Whenever I knit baby stuff, I usually err on the large side, assuming sleeves can be rolled up and that little munchkins are extra cute in over-sized sweaters anyway.
    Love those pics!

    1. I think that’s probably true about healthy babies – Maddy’s now in the 97th percentile for weight, and nearly there for height, too, even though she was perfectly “average” sized when she was born. She’s just a good little nurser! And it’s so true about baby stuff, oversized is the way to go.


  3. You could just call it 3-6 months. Love the cardigan. I need to ponder matching sweaters…

    She is getting so big! You guys both look so great.

  4. Wonderful pictures! Maddy is growing fast. But you will have many more great opportunities for mommy and me outfits! What fun you have ahead of you in so many ways! :)

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