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Things I make for Maddy: Maddy-pants!

(Maddy-pants is one of the nicknames I use with my dear girl. I have no idea why I think appending "pants" to a name is funny, but I do.) I knit a diaper cover for my little Madrigal! Unfortunately, this kid is growing like a weed (already over 15 pounds at 3 months old!), and… Continue reading Things I make for Maddy: Maddy-pants!

munchkin knits

mama + daughter + stripes!

We had such gorgeous light coming through our upstairs window this morning, and with my husband working from home today, I figured we had the perfect opportunity for a babyStripes! photoshoot. Taking (clear) pictures of Maddy is definitely a 2-person job right now! For extra fun, I threw on my Stripes! sweater: babyStripes! is still… Continue reading mama + daughter + stripes!