in which I become a babywearing advocate

(I’ve been reading bits of Winnie-The-Pooh to Maddy, and have grown enamored of the “In which…” openings for each chapter)

Y’all, I have become a die-hard baby wearer. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t pop my girl in the carrier while I go about my daily business, and the idea of pushing her around in a stroller or leaving her to sit in an infant seat (which she wouldn’t do anyway…my girl needs mama contact, and HOW) is utterly foreign to me. Look at all the things you can do while wearing a baby:

Making lunch with Maddy :: Positivity Project Day 7
Make lunch
Watching DS9 with Maddy :: Positivity Project Day 8
Watch DS9
The only way she'll sleep :: Positivity Project Day 3
Give your baby girl naptime
Sweet baby sleeping on mama
Laundry-doing, baby-wearing badass :)  :: Positivity Project Day 13
Do laundry (and LOTS of it!)
In daddy's office :: Positivity Project Day 14
Visit campus
Working with Maddy :: Positivity Project Day 19
Work at home
Knitting while Maddy naps
Public BFing ain't no big thing! :: Positivity Project Day 20

And if you combine those last two, and knit during nursing-in-the-carrier time, you can knit your baby a new hat in just two days! I’ll be giving Maddy’s new Aviatrix a post of its own later today, but seriously, a good 80% of it was knit while nursing her in the carrier. You just can’t beat that sort of multitasking. And while I can only speak for my own experience, the day I started being able to wear Maddy is the day she stopped being so fussy and cranky. Babies love touch!

The carrier we use the most (which you see in every photo above) is the Beco Gemini. It can be snapped to be narrower at the base, perfect for the wee ones (though my girl isn’t so wee anymore – she’s 95th percentile for weight and height!), and is really well proportioned for petite mamas like me (I’m sure it’d work great for the less-petite, too, but a problem I’ve had with other soft-structured carriers is that they’re just cut too wide to be comfortable for me). We’ve also experimented with the Sleepy Wrap, but I find it super awkward to get on and off (as a short, scrawny mama, I’m just SWAMPED by the amount of fabric!), so don’t use it that much. It’s hard to know what will work for you without trying a bunch of things, which can unfortunately get pretty expensive (speaking of which, I’m thinking of selling off the other soft-structured carrier we have, a Boba 3G, because it just doesn’t seem to work for us), but once it works, it’s like magic. I’d go completely bonkers if I couldn’t carry Maddy around with me all the time and nurse her whenever she wants without being stuck sitting down. Such freedom! And wonderful bonding time with my baby girl.

Yay, babywearing!

(I promise, I’ll post about the Aviatrix hat later!)

14 thoughts on “in which I become a babywearing advocate”

    1. Thank you! It kind of cracked me up that so many of the pictures I’d taken lately had been of me doing *something* with Madrigal in the carrier, so I just had to share :)


  1. We have the Beco Butterfly — from before the Gemini came out — and we still use it all the time. We like it for walks and grocery shopping, and, in a pinch, for putting a baby on your back so you can make dinner. I don’t know how people deal with strollers.

    1. I’m actually tempted to get the Butterfly as a second carrier – the easy in/out features are really appealing, especially as she gets closer to being big enough to wear her on my back. Yay, babywearing!


  2. Blessing and Happiness for you all. This is amazing, should be so good to do everything with your baby… Wonderful photographs. Thank you, with my love, nia

  3. I’m so glad it’s working for you! I wore my first two children everywhere. I was still in college when I had the first, and he came to class with me every day for about the first 7 months. Good thing he was a quiet, happy child! The other bonus was that he balanced out my backpack nicely. I’d gotten used to the weight of pregnancy, and suddenly not having him there would’ve thrown me all kinds of off-balance. I have four children, and swear by wearing them. Doesn’t matter how, but keep them close. Even when you get to the point that there are a couple in a double stroller and one on your belly. it’s so worth it.

    Looks like you’re loving motherhood!! Enjoy it!

    1. I am indeed loving motherhood! And it’s funny – now that I’m healed up, I don’t really notice Maddy’s weight when I wear her; I guess I really did get used to having the extra weight on my front during pregnancy!


  4. Glad all of you are doing so well! Babywearing is the best! I wore my son. Not everyone understood and some even thought I was making a mistake, but I know it was the right thing for us. I’m also convinced that is part of why my son is so self-confident now as a child. Snuggle time is wonderful, isn’t it?

    1. Thank you! I love being able to wear her while I go about my day, and I’m sure it’s doing good things for her development, too. Hooray for babywearing and snuggle time!


  5. Babies are definitely meant to be worn. Read A General Theory of Love if you ever have a minute again in your life to find out why. Then again while she naps while you wear her. Of course.

  6. She is so flippin’ cute! And I, too, went through a very long time in which I started every livejournal post I made with “In Which…” :)

  7. We’ve been doing lots of baby wearing also. :) Anthony uses the Moby a lot (says it makes him feel like a jedi knight.) and I’m still trying to figure out what I like best. I made a ring sling the other day, and have been liking that. Need more practice though.

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