just a bit of ribbing

Before I get to the crafty stuff (and there isn’t actually much of that), how about a totally hilarious photo of my kid?

madrigal: 8 weeks

The finger gun just kills me. Totally serendipitous, but I love it.

So, Madrigal is 8 weeks old now. Wow, these first 8 weeks have been crazy and wonderful and so very difficult! There’s not been much time at all for crafty business, but I did manage to sneak a tiny bit of time yesterday to knit the ribbing for an Aviatrix hat for my darling daughter, whose giant noggin has already outgrown the hats I knit for her before she was born. (I feel like I should take a moment to sing some praise for the GoodReader app on the iPhone, which gives me access to my Ravelry pattern library. I use my iPhone so much when I’m taking care of Maddy, and it is wonderful to have portable access to my knitting patterns (including Aviatrix)).

knitting :: Positivity Project Day 18

Since we can’t have a bare-headed baby in the sort of temperatures we get here in the winter, a new hat is a priority item! Of course, I’m now worrying that this hat won’t be warm enough for my baby girl, and am plotting a double-thick hat (much like my own) too. And since my baby girl doesn’t have any mittens at all (which simply won’t do!), I’d like to knit her a double-thick pair of those, too…and of course my designer brain is spinning with ideas to make them fit multiple sizes by having a row of eyelets to cinch the mittens around the wrist, but at different heights in the inner vs. outer layer (I’m not sure if that sentence I just wrote makes any sense to anyone but me, but I suppose I’m the only one who needs it to make sense, anyway!).


I’ve got other knits planned, too – a pair of fingerless gloves for a dear friend of mine being first and foremost among them. We’ll see how much time I can steal away for knitting in the foreseeable future; I doubt there will be many sweaters coming off my needles for the next few months, since wrangling something as large as a sweater body (or even sleeve) while wearing Maddy in the carrier is a bit beyond my current skillset!

9 thoughts on “just a bit of ribbing”

    1. It takes sheer luck to get a clear picture of her at all, and then to have it be such a funny face/gesture? I just could not stop laughing! That one’s going in her baby book for sure :)


  1. I think Maddy is wondering if she has to make friends with the big blue monster. If doesn’t seem very communicative!

    Knitting looks great! Your brain is going a mile a minute. Thankfully, your ideas are for small and cute things. (Even Maddy sweaters are small.)

  2. Maddy is adorable! She looks very happy and healthy. This time with her is so precious. Don’t worry. You will get to the projects eventually!

  3. Your life sounds perfect. Exactly what you need to be doing when you need to be doing it. I love it. And the picture of your baby is darling. Thanks for sharing!

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