There hasn’t been much in the way of crafting since Madrigal was born (though I was able to knit a few rows yesterday!), but that’s no reason not to update the blog! Maddy and I are doing pretty well now. I’m definitely nowhere near 100%, but I can lift her and carry her (still need to be careful about this, though), and can sit fairly comfortably again, and all that good stuff.

These last couple of weeks, my dear friend Kris arranged for a group of my grad school friends (including herself) to come over and help me out now that my husband is back at work. I am so absurdly grateful for this – I really have no idea how I’d’ve handled things without all of Maddy’s honorary aunties helping us out!

I’ve been using my iPhone and Instagram a lot to take and share some photos of Madrigal, and I thought it’d be nice to share some of them here, too. Here’s Maddy and I in our matching Garter Rib Cardigans:

Maddy and me in our matching sweaters

And here are three generations of us Gegg ladies, featuring Maddy in her stripey baby cap:

3 generations

Here’s Maddy in the hat that Kathy made for her:

Wearing the hat that Kathy made for her.

The most exciting development over the last couple days has been my ability to wear Maddy. Here we are with the Beco Gemini carrier:

Maddy in the Beco Gemini!

And in the Sleepy Wrap:

In the sleepy wrap

It was thanks to the Sleepy Wrap that I was able to knit those few rows yesterday, which went a long way towards making me feel more like myself again:

I can knit!!

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to do some more crafting as Maddy and I get used to hanging out with each other all day during the latter half of my maternity leave. I hope all is well with y’all, dear readers, and that you have a wonderful and happy Winter Solstice!!

8 thoughts on “adjusting.”

  1. Welcome back, When my cute son was born 4 months ago, I also got the great feeling of the first knitting rows making me feel like “myself”. Happy Winter Solstice to all of you !

    1. (Finally catching up on email!)

      Oh yes, wearable babies make life SO much easier! I’m so glad I can wear her all day long now if I need to.


  2. So glad to see this update and know you’re healing well! The matching sweaters a totally priceless, and you’re both looking fantastic!

    I loved the Sleepy Wrap when Ada was little (well, once she’d gotten big enough that I didn’t keep losing her down there!) — I did a lot of knitting wearing that thing! Also good, I found, was the nursing Boppy pillow on top of another pillow in my lap. I could plug her on and didn’t need to hold her in place, so I had my hands free to knit behind her. She used to reach back and hold the cable of the circular needle. Awww.

  3. This is so beautiful, wearing same… I loved this photograph so much. She seems so lovely, Blessing her. The hat is amazing too. You are so nice with all these knitting works. Thank you, with my love, nia

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