munchkin knits

more munchkin knits

I finished knitting the baby-sized Garter Rib cardigan this morning:

baby garter rib.

It’s not quite an FO yet, since I have no button stash, and almost certainly won’t be making it out to anyplace where I’d purchase buttons for awhile, and therefore can’t put the finishing touches on this little cardigan. I ended up using raglan decreases for the yoke, rather than replicating the seamless set-in sleeve construction of the grown-up Garter Rib cardigan, since seamless set-in sleeves seemed like slight overkill for a baby sweater. I’m pretty darn tickled with how this came out, dorky as it may be to knit my offspring sweaters to match the ones I’ve knit myself!

baby garter rib.

Every baby needs a shawl-collared sweater, don’t you think? Now I just need the munchkin to decide it’s time to make an appearance. I’m so impatient to meet you, little one!

6 thoughts on “more munchkin knits”

  1. Don’t be surprised to find you dressing alike, color, coordinating,… it’s amazing and unconscious! This will make it lots easier ;-)

  2. That sweater might be really cute with non-matching buttons if you have odd ones lying around… a basic shape and neutral color can bear a bit of whimsy, especially when a baby’s going to wear it! It’s going to be so sweet and practical on the munchkin.

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