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some more works in progress

As of today, I’m a week away from my due date. We’ll see if the munchkin decides to arrive early or late (first babies tend to be late, but you never know!). I’m so, so distracted at this point, just so impatient to meet our little munchkin! So here, look at some of the not-yet-finished projects I’ve got going!

baby pants

Still working on those baby pants. I lost one of the dpns I was using, and can’t stand knitting with only 4 dpns (I like my needles to form a square, not a triangle!), so I didn’t make any progress for awhile until I was able to get ahold of a full set of size 6s again.

new needles.

I ended up trying out these newfangled square cut needles, and I’m liking them pretty well so far! But the pants themselves are turning out a bit bigger than I’d anticipated, so I think I’m going to set them aside for a bit since there’s almost no way the munchkin will be able to wear them for awhile, at least.

Instead, I’m going to work on this:

look familiar?

Look familiar? I had some extra Eco Wool leftover from my Garter Rib cardigan, and apparently I can’t resist making baby-sized versions of my own designs. Of course, I still haven’t finished the second me-sized Garter Rib cardigan, and in theory I’m working on the pattern, too, but like I said at the beginning of the post…I’m a wee bit distracted lately!

4 thoughts on “some more works in progress”

  1. Very pretty! I’ve been told that you have to go down a size with square needles. Did you use the recommended size. Also, what brand needles are the square ones? They are very pretty. I have a set of Knitpicks that you are using on your other project and love those nedles.

  2. So cool!! I love knitting needles. If I’m not careful, I’ll end up with a new pair for each project. So much fun! You should probably rest up, too, because once that munchkin comes, all you’ll do is sit around and watch to see what happens next.

    But if you get too tired, I’ll come hold your munchkin all bundled in wool while you nap. I love to do that. ;^)

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