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sweet baby cap

You guys, baby knits are FAST! Who knew?

sweet baby cap

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Sweet Baby Cap (with garter ridge mods)
Yarn: Knitpicks Chroma Fingering in “Bare” and “Prism”
Needles: 2.5mm Knitpicks Harmony dpns
Time to Knit: 2 days!!

I cast on for this adorable little hat after I finished babyStripes!, and am already finished with it. Craziness. When I got the yarn for babyStripes!, I picked up matching skeins in the fingering weight version with the intention of making a matching hat. It turned out that the length of the color repeat relative to the circumference of the hat didn’t exactly yield the same sort of striping as in the sweater, but I’m pretty tickled with this delightful ombre effect.

sweet baby cap

I modified the pattern slightly, knitting garter ridges for the colored stripes instead of knitting everything in stockinette, and I absolutely love the texture! I’m tempted to knit another one starting with a color from the cooler end of the spectrum, so that the munchkin can have a “warm colors” and “cool colors” version of the hat. Heck, it only took two days, right?

1 thought on “sweet baby cap”

  1. I have no babies, have no intention of having any babies, and frankly, don’t even like babies that much. But I get super excited anytime anyone I know announces that they’re having one, because I LOVE baby knits, largely because they are indeed so ridiculously fast (instant gratification, anyone?), but also because they’re just plain adorable. I’m working on a baby sweater right now, and I’ve been squeeing pretty much constantly right since cast on.

    Also, I like the idea of a matching but cooler-toned hat.

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