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something’s blocking…

…and it turned out even cuter than I could possibly have imagined:

babyStripes!, blocking

I’m so pleased with this little sweater I can hardly contain myself. All of the little details I planned from the beginning came together so perfectly, which doesn’t always happen. What a relief that it did, given how little time I’ve got before the munchkin’s arrival! Now, no matter what, there will be a sweater from mama for my little munchkin before the big day!

I finished the yoke and collar this weekend, and then added the i-cord zipper facings last night at our knitting guild meeting (Anne Hanson was our guest speaker!), where I think I might have freaked out my tablemates by having some fairly intense Braxton-Hicks contractions!

babyStripes!, yoke texture

I used the same trick here as on my Stripes! sweater, switching to garter ridges for the colored stripes at the yoke. I just love that added bit of texture!

babyStripes!, collar

It was a bit of a brainteaser to figure out how to reverse the braid + corrugated rib detail at the collar (and included working out how to work a braid from the purl side, which turned out to actually be quite easy!), but it ended up working out beautifully.

I do still need to install a zipper, and I’ll be the first to admit that doing so terrifies me slightly – I’ve just never added a zipper to a sweater before! I’m not sure if that detail will end up getting finished before the munchkin’s arrival, but a zipperless sweater is still perfectly functional, so I won’t sweat it too much.

16 thoughts on “something’s blocking…”

  1. It’s so adorable! I couldn’t concentrate worth a hoot those last few weeks of pregnancy (probably due to severe insomnia). Seriously, even garter stitch stumped me a few times. Congrats to you, and good luck with L&D!

  2. Love the sweater! Don’t stress re: the zipper. They aren’t as difficult as they seem. But if it is really is causing you angst, take it to a tailor. Most will put in a zipper for a very reasonable charge.

  3. It turned out perfectly!! Installing a zipper is easier than you’d think, especially behind a lovely i-cord edging like that. But in the end, you’re right – it’ll be just fine without, if it comes to that. Congrats on the timely finish :)

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