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babyStripes! is back in action

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so well, and so I pretty much just knit and did a bit of light housecleaning. I’m determined to have a sweater knit for my little one before they make their arrival, and so I decided to tackle babyStripes! once again:


I decided awhile ago that I should rip out the “in-the-round” version of the sleeve I’d already knit, and reknit it flat, but for some reason just couldn’t ever bring myself to do it until yesterday. I think I’ll be able to create a seam that’s more attractive than the seemingly unavoidable jog in the stripe pattern would’ve been had I continued in the round. I’m still loving the corrugated rib + vikkel braid at the cuff – I just can’t get enough of that detail, it seems!


At this gauge (5 sts/inch), a baby sleeve doesn’t take all that long, so I actually ended up knitting both of them yesterday. Before I cast on for the second sleeve, I wound off a length of the yarn so that I’d be starting again at the same point in the color repeat. I’m a perfectionist like that – I wanted my two sleeves to match! Today I think I’ll tackle the yoke – who knows, perhaps I’ll have a finished sweater for my little one by the end of the weekend!

I’ve been working on the pattern as I knit, and now that I’m getting closer to being finished, I have a question I’d love to get feedback on. Since I’m using exclusively Knitpicks yarns in this design, I’ve been toying with the idea of submitting it to their Independent Designer Partnership Program and publishing the pattern that way (assuming they’d take it). Have any of you published patterns through Knitpicks’ IDP? Was it a good experience? Would you recommend it?

3 thoughts on “babyStripes! is back in action”

  1. Yeah I’d recommend it – they’re very organized and easy to work with. I have no complaints whatsoever. You have total control of your design, where else you sell it, etc. I know they’ve changed the way payment works since I published my designs with them, so the best strategies for promotion and where else to make your pattern available have probably changed as well. For me, I didn’t start making money on individual sales until my sales made up the initial $100 advance (I think now they don’t do an advance for most designs?), so it didn’t make sense to sell the pattern on ravelry, for instance, until it made up that $100 on KP. But you’re free to do whatever you want with it, really. And ultimately marketing and selling it on both ravelry and KP does make sense because it seems like KP reaches a different market. My ratio of sales through KP-projects on ravelry is interesting – lots of sales through KP/very few projects on rav. So that’s my two cents! ;)

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