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well hey, i DO still knit.

Hello blog! Long time no see. Turns out I can’t actually keep up with everything all at once while I’m cooking a baby, which probably shouldn’t be as surprising as I’m finding it to be. But I do have some knitting to share:

baby hat beginnings

Just a little ribbed baby hat (for my Munchkin!), which I cast on for on Saturday after an epic fight with my ballwinder (seriously, I guess I’m just not used to winding somewhat slippery sock yarn but it was kind of a disaster). I’m using a pattern, which is probably totally ridiculous given how simple the design is, but at this point, I’d rather pay a little bit to have someone think through the numbers for me. I don’t have the intuitions about baby head size that I do about grown-up sweater sizes, and right now my brain is pretty fried between thinking about the numbers for my OWN patterns, and working out the details of various research projects I’m getting started on as part of my dissertation work.

So, what about those other designs I’m working on?

Garter Rib Part Deux has been on hold not for any real reason (the knitting is going smoothly), but rather because I just started a new skein of Eco Wool and carrying that GIANT yarn cake around with me is not that convenient.

BabyStripes! is in timeout while I decide whether to rip out the sleeves and reknit them flat. As much as I love knitting in the round, at the large-ish gauge and smallish-circumference, even the “jogless” jogs I’m using are pretty obvious and I think seaming the sleeves would make a nicer looking finished project. But I haven’t done it yet.

Everything else is just not happening for now. Once the dissertation proposal is done and I’ve got experiments actually running and collecting data, I’ll sit and re-evaluate my knitterly/designerly plans for the near future. There’s a part of me that really, really wants to take the Estonian-inspired design ideas I’ve got and turn them into an e-book, but realistically, with a baby arriving soon and a dissertation to write, that’s probably the dumbest idea I could ever try to pursue. But oh, how I want to.

So that’s what I’m up to on the crafty front. I’m so glad I cast on for the baby hat even though I’ve got those other projects going, too, because I really needed some mindless knitting this weekend. It’s amazing how much better I feel just for having knit a bunch of k2p2 rib. I’m remembering now why I used to knit plain stockinette socks – mindless knitting has a place (for me, at least) and I forget that sometimes when I’m getting all excited about the designs in my head. I just don’t tend to actually wear handknit socks (I know, I know…this is total heresy for a knitter but if I’m gonna have to spend a fair amount of money on the yarn to make socks anyway, I’d rather take that money and plunk it down for some SmartWool!), so I’ve stopped knitting them, but perhaps I can pick up a baby-hat knitting habit. (The sock yarn is great for things like scarves and wraps that I actually DO wear, too, so it’s not all going to go to waste even if I never knit another sock again.)

I’ll try not to disappear for quite so long between posts next time, I promise! And I’ll try to actually comment on y’all’s blogs, too – I’ve been keeping up through Google Reader but my brain’s been too fried to actually participate rather than just lurk, my apologies!

4 thoughts on “well hey, i DO still knit.”

  1. hey, back! that hat is adorable. love how that yarn is knitting up in the rib pattern. glad things are going well, and good luck with the diss proposal. i’m writing my prospectus right now — very slowly. i’m hoping it will be easier to write the thing than it is to write ABOUT it. happy knitting. and cooking!

  2. Any forward progress is progress. And that hat is just plain adorable. So is the baby modeling it. Take your time and enjoy making that baby, and make sure you plan to give yourself plenty of downtime afterward with no expectations, because that baby will take up all of your time. It’s supposed to. Even if all you do is hold it and love it and smell it, that baby is the most important thing in your world. Even more than your blog. *gasp!*

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