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[112.35] new shirt!
My favorite WIP

Works-in-Progress. I’ve got a lot of them, but they’re mostly not of the crafty variety! I’ve got so much on my plate right now that it’s a little bit tough to keep up with the blogging side of things. There’s of course the baby stuff, and the post-flooding stuff, and the start of a new semester of tutoring and orchestra rehearsals, but also my upcoming dissertation proposal, and even a job application – life feels just a wee bit overwhelming right now!

I’m making slow but steady progress on the second Garter Rib cardigan:

making progress.

I’ve finished the body up to the underarms, and cast on for the first sleeve last week. I’d hoped to finish the cardigan in time for this weekend’s Finger Lakes Fiber Festival, but alas, that’s definitely not going to happen. Thankfully I’ve got other cardigans I can wear! I’ll still be popping down to the Festival on Saturday, so if you’ll be there, too, let me know!

The pattern for the Garter Rib cardigan is coming along, too, though not without some hiccups (the munchkin’s had plenty of those lately, too!). I’m experimenting with a new way of formatting the pattern to better integrate the tutorial aspects with the pattern itself, and it’s taking some time to get that all sorted out. We’ll see how long it ends up taking; as much as I’d like to get a bunch of patterns out there ASAP (and before baby comes!), it’s not really worth adding extra stress, so if it takes longer than I’d like, so be it. There are more patterns to come, too – I’ve not forgotten about babyStripes! (how could I, I’m knitting it for MY baby!), and I’m itching to get back to the nupp-and-roositud motifs of the hollyberry cardigan I hinted at ages ago in this post (and again here), and a few other projects, too. I have no idea what to expect from myself as I get closer and closer to bringing the munchkin into to the world, but I hope I can find a way to keep creating (and sharing those creations in the form of patterns).

7 thoughts on “WIPs”

  1. Fantastic t-shirt!!! Too bad I didn’t know such existed, or I should have been proudly displaying it for quite some time now (luckily not long to go).
    You look happy and beautiful!

  2. i agree about the radiance. you look beautiful. also — i was away this weekend or i would have been in touch about meeting up! hope you had a great time.

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