new and exciting adventures with wool!

I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned my desire to learn how to do embroidery here on this blog before, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do learn for a really long time. I’m particularly interested in crewel, because, well, you know how I am about wool. I LOVE WOOL. And I love learning new and exciting things to do with it!


I finally broke down a couple months ago and ordered an “ABC sampler” kit (it was all the rage on Pintrest at the time), and I’m really glad I did! I got it out on Wednesday and decided to just go for it, and made some minuscule but pleasing progress on the “A”:


So far, Chain Stitch is my very favorite – I love how it almost looks like knitting! And I’m really glad I sprung for the kit, because I’m enjoying getting to learn this with actual crewel wool, instead of regular embroidery floss. The texture is just amazing!

I’m hoping I can finish this little sampler before my munchkin arrives, but I have no idea whether that’s realistic – I’m probably the world’s slowest embroiderer at the moment, but considering that I’m just learning, I’m ok with that!

5 thoughts on “new and exciting adventures with wool!”

  1. I too purchased this very same sampler for a a new addition to our extended family but I am loving it some much I might have to keep it for my English classroom….

  2. Isn’t this kit the funnest thing ever?! I’m having a great time with mine, even if I am moving at a snail’s pace. And I hear ya on the crewel wool love – it’s so lofty and wooly!

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