wool people!

So, remember how I mentioned a “secret project” that I was struggling to finish during those rough months in my first trimester? Well, I’m very happy to not need to keep it secret any longer. If you haven’t seen it already, go check out Wool People, from Brooklyn Tweed. I am so freaking thrilled to be part of such an amazing collection!

This all started back in January, when I got an email from Jared Flood. We’d met briefly when he came to my local knitting guild meeting back in November, but I was still really surprised to find myself being asked to participate in the designer group he was putting together, given that I only had 3 actual designs under my belt at that point (I was wearing one of them, Vahtralehed, the night of the guild meeting). I’d just come off the crazy deadline knitting from Twist Collective AND was starting a new semester of teaching, but how could I say no to a chance to design something in that amazing, amazing Shelter yarn?

My design, Sullivan, takes the obsession with nupps I developed while working on Vahtralehed to a bit of an extreme (but I promise, it’s still a fun knit). Here’s the sketch I sent to Jared:

115: just playing around...

(I’m actually kind of amazed and impressed at just how closely the finished design matches that sketch!). I’d been swatching it in that gorgeous purple Shelter, but was worried that the nupps might read a little bit literally as bunches of grapes, so instead choose the beautiful neutral color called “Fossil”:

mmm, shelter

The yarn was, as expected, a complete joy to knit with. I could seriously be happy knitting with nothing but Shelter forever and ever, I think. I’m very much a wool person, and this yarn is a wool person’s wool.


I don’t have any pictures of my own of the finished sweater – I was so late getting the sample finished that I needed to put it in the mail as soon as I’d finished the i-cord edging (and wasn’t particularly feeling up to modeling it, anyhow). It turns out trying to finish out a semester of teaching, get dissertation studies prepped, and knit up a sample sweater all during your first trimester is actually not particularly possible (or at least, it wasn’t for me!), so I was very grateful to Jared and his wonderful assistant Leila for their patience. I’m also grateful for the help of a couple of local knitters (Bookish Wendy and Patti) for their help with the sleeve knitting – I could not have gotten this sample knit without you guys!

I am so happy to be part of the Wool People collection, and I think that Jared has done a great service to independent designers by providing a great outlet for our designs (and very fair compensation for them, too) while letting us maintain our rights to those designs (and of course, providing such an inspiring yarn to work with!). I can’t believe what wonderful company I’m in, too – you simply must go check out the whole collection, because everything in it is great!

23 thoughts on “wool people!”

  1. I just finished looking at Wool People and it’s the first time in forever (or maybe ever) that I want to knit everything single thing in the collection. It’s fantastic as is your design – congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much! I was seriously gasping as I looked through the preview of the lookbook – everything in the collection is so fantastic and I can hardly believe I’m part of it! I have a feeling a fair amount of the proceeds from Sullivan are going to go straight towards purchasing Shelter to knit the other designs in the collection :)


    1. Thank you! Things are going pretty well, though I’ve totally stopped keeping up with my blogroll – I hope all is well with you, too!


  2. Congrats! I clicked on the link first, and I totally pegged Sullivan to be your design. It’s lovely!

    1. Thanks!! Shelter is seriously amazing stuff. When I got the bag of it for my sample sweater, I was pretty much in wool heaven. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up spending a fair amount of what I make from the Sullivan pattern just buying more Shelter to knit other stuff :)


  3. Loved the sweater design, the folks at the local yarn store (Yarnology) want you to come to Winona so they can meet you. My knitting group was very impressed that I knew someone so talented.

    1. Thanks so much, Deb! I’d love to come visit y’all at Yarnology, but it’ll probably be awhile before I can get back to Winona. Perhaps next Spring, with my little munchkin in tow. We’ll see!


  4. I just saw your sweater on Rav and had to come over to say how much I love it! And I also have to tell you I’m utterly impressed with your first trimester accomplishments; I just barely managed the teaching and dissertating (and throwing up) – I never in a million years could have designed and knit a sweater, too!

    1. Thank you! I’m not entirely sure how I managed it (but there was a lot of help involved!). Thankfully the sweater was “designed” before I even knew I was pregnant – but the knitting and pattern-writing weren’t even started!


  5. I just cast on my Sullivan and I couldn’t be more excited! Its going to be a great fall sweater! Congrats on being in Wool People, and the baby!

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