It’s been a busy week and half here at chez whit::knits. We went to Ohio to visit family, and then the day after we got back, my parents came down here to visit us! It’s been great to see so much family, but I’m a bit worn out now. So, let me share the various projects we’ve got in progress right now, starting with the most exciting one:

our munchkin!

We got to see our little munchkin last Friday! And my parents were able to come along, too, which was wonderful. I could look at this profile picture a million times a day, I think – it makes me smile every time. That’s our baby! Our very, very wiggly baby. It was so, so amazing to see our baby wiggling away on the ultrasound. Everything looks great, though we’re going to have to go back for more pictures that they couldn’t get because of how wiggly the little one was. I’m loving all the movement I’m feeling now, though it’s also totally distracting!

While my parents were here, they decided to help us fix up our yard a little bit. Our front garden had been overtaken by some crazy weeds, including a vine which ripped part of our front porch off. I don’t have a good “before” picture to share, so you’ll have to trust me that this is an immense improvement:

new and improved

We (well, I should say “they”, where by “they” I mean my parents and my husband – I was responsible for providing a steady supply of gatorade and snacks!) dug up the whole front bed, put down weedcloth and mulch, and created a much lower-maintenance front garden. We’ll be adding some plants in small planters to the bed at some point, and of course fixing the porch, but this is such a huge improvement and there’s no way we could have done it without my parents’ help. Thanks, mom and dad!

Lastly, I’ve made some progress on the knitting front: this weekend I cast on for the babyStripes! prototype I’m knitting for my little munchkin:

munchkin sweater!

I’m having so much fun knitting it so far! I’ll post more about it soon; I’d like to try to post about some of the design decisions I’m making as I create this sweater, in hopes of maybe writing up a pattern for it once its finished (I’m still torn about whether it’s worthwhile to do so, given the similarities between this and Budgie, but I’ll kick that can down the road for now). Sort of like I did for the garter rib cardigan (whose pattern I desperately need to finish writing!).

6 thoughts on “Works-In-Progress”

  1. Wow, what a cutie little baby! He/she (I shall refrain from using “it”) is totally smiling in that ultrasound! And look at that adorable little nose… Ah, too cute.

  2. So fun for you! And you should write up the pattern. It’s always good to see how people handle their instructions differently. And I’m still waiting to see instructions for the Garter Rib Cardigan. It’s a wonderful sweater!

    1. Thanks! I’ve started working out a pattern for the babyStripes! sweater, so hopefully that’ll be out soon-ish. And I haven’t forgotten about Garter Rib! Well, actually, I did kind of forget about it for awhile, but it’s next up on the docket again! :)


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