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Hello again!

Why, hello there again! Yes, I’ve gone nearly 2 months without blogging. But I promise, I have a very good excuse this time. And not just a secret knitting project (though there was one of those, too). This project is even more awesome…

officially official.

…I’m cooking up a little munchkin! We’re due around Thanksgiving, and could not be happier. The last couple of months have been really rough (you try finishing up teaching a very demanding writing course AND getting your dissertation studies prepped, and of course finishing up a secret knitting project, all during your first trimester!), but things are starting to get better. I’m really looking forward to that (for now, still sadly hypothetical) burst of energy everyone talks about having in their second trimester. We got to hear our little munchkin’s heartbeat this morning, and it was so incredible – not that I didn’t believe it was real before, but it’s just so much more real now.

For awhile there, I hardly felt like knitting at all – it made the nausea worse. But I’m able to knit again now, and now that I’m done with the secret project, I can knit whatever I want! This is such a strange feeling, I hardly know where to start…but I know I want to knit some cardigans for me (since cardigans are all I’ll be able to do for awhile now!), and some stuff for my little munchkin. On that note, I made a small exception to my StashPact promises (which stupidly didn’t take the prospect of a little munchkin into account) and picked up some yarn to knit an awesome little cardigan for my wee one:

for the munchkin

What you see there is some Knitpicks Chroma (worsted weight), with which I plan to knit a stripey cardigan. My plan for now is to do something of a hybrid of Grumperina’s Budgie pattern and the ideas that I had for the baby version of Stripes! (which I ended up setting aside after seeing Budgie, which is pretty similar to what I’d had in mind…no point duplicating such an awesome pattern). That, and I just didn’t feel like knitting a baby sweater in light fingering weight (as I would’ve done if I’d stuck with Kureyon Sock). November Baby’s gonna need some toasty sweaters! So, basically, I’m planning to do corrugated ribbing instead of garter at the hems and cuffs, but to finish the front with an i-cord and zipper (rather than more corrugated ribbing, which I think might end up looking kind of overwhelming on such a small sweater). We’ll see how it turns out!

I’ve gotten utterly, hopelessly behind on my blog reading in the last couple of months – please forgive me! I was hoping to catch back up in Google Reader, but it’s looking like I’ll end up doing the dreaded “Mark all as read” move – so if you’ve got a post you want to point me to, give me a link in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Hello again!”

  1. MANY MANY congrats!! I had both my kids in grad school, a challenge to be sure. Out of 6 doctoral recitals I had to perform, I was prego for THREE of them. I also remember that the 2nd trimester burst of energy took its sweet time to set in, but it finally did.
    Happy knitting, and I look forward to more updates!

  2. You don’t know me, but I like your little blog and I want to add my voice to the others in congratulation for your happy news! I’m a writer more than a knitter or crocheter, and having recently put an open letter/birthday post to my 25 year old daughter on my own site (remembering dreaming of her before she even existed, and my feelings at her birth) it feels right to go ahead and add a link to it for you. I understand if you don’t have the time for it! Only visit if you’d like to see it. You’ve got more important things to attend to! :)

  3. Oh, and I think this is particularly cool news since you’re due around the same time as me (late Oct), and I like knowing I’m in good company! Best wishes for a happy pregnancy!

  4. Congratulations!

    The heartbeat is the best thing in the world. :-)

    Unfortunately, I’m not so sure about that 2nd trimester burst of energy. It felt more like a reprieve of normalcy between the nausea and fatigue of the first trimester and the aches and heaviness of the third trimester. Enjoy it while you can. (Even when it gets hard again, it’s totally worth it!)

    Can’t wait to see the baby knits flowing off the needles. :-)

  5. Hooray babies! Honest to god, when I saw the new post in my feed I thought “hmmm, it has been a while since she blogged, I wonder if she is pregnant?!” Pregnancy, in all its weirdness, is such a special time for all three of you. Happy gestating!

  6. Congratulations!! How wonderful :) I remember well writing a dissertation and gestating at the same time – I don’t know that I ever got that promised burst of energy, but once the nausea went away, the baby due date certainly inspired me to write!! Best wishes to all of you :)

  7. I love baby news. Best reason to have taken a blog hiatus.

    You will be such a wonderful mother. Lucky baby to have such a creative and thoughtful mother.

    I love being around babies. That’s why I still go to LLL meetings and I get to knit there!

  8. Congratulations on the Thanksgiving munchkin. My grandson and I almost share the day. (He arrived 3.5 hours after my b-day!) We enjoy pumpkin bread baked in a bundt pan for our cake.

    One of the best baby sweaters to make and/or receive is the zip up the back sweater. It is a little hoodie that is very easy to get on a squirming infant. ( I’m not sure how many I have made in the last 12 years, but I do know that I have had repeat orders.

    Enjoy your pregnancy and take care of yourself as well.

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