moving right along

Last week was an utterly insane week for me, work-wise, but thankfully I could pretty much take this weekend off. Not that there aren’t worky things that could’ve been done (that’s academic life for you: there is ALWAYS work that could be done, which isn’t necessarily a healthy state of affairs for someone like me who struggles with setting boundaries and finding balance even on a good day), but I mostly rested and knit. The primary beneficiary of that knitting time was the garter rib cardigan; all that remains to be knit now is the shawl-collar:

starting the shawl collar

In that photo, you can also see the 3-needle bindoff that closes up the shoulder after the seamless set-in sleeve treatment. But here are some photos of that treatment in progress:

seamless, set-in sleeve

You begin the shaping at the join as you would for a yoked sweater – holding a small percentage of the body and sleeve stitches on waste yarn at the underarm, and then knitting around, joining the sleeves to the body. Then the fun begins – you start decreasing rapidly from the body stitches adjacent to the sleeve, thus setting the sleeve in. Then, you decrease less rapidly from the sleeve stitches adjacent to the body, which slowly shapes the sleeve around the shoulder. It’s finished off with some easy short rows and the 3-needle bindoff I mentioned above, and (in my opinion at least) fits like a dream.

all together

Speaking of fitting like a dream, I tried the body of the sweater on before I picked up stitches for the button band and shawl collar, and that back shaping worked out perfectly. It hugs the curve of my back instead of pooching out, and looks fantastic. I can’t wait to show it off!

4 thoughts on “moving right along”

  1. Resting with knitting is definitely helpful. I try to fit in as much of it as I can.

    Can’t wait to see the finished sweater. It looks great so far.

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