budgie beginnings


I have apparently acquired a raging case of start-itis:

113: budgie beginnings

Yesterday, I cast on for the Budgie cardigan I’m knitting for my niecephew-to-be (due in June). My brother and his wife are big OSU fans, so I wanted to knit a scarlet and grey striped Budgie for their wee one. I’m using Berroco’s Vintage DK yarn, in Black Cherry and Cracked Pepper:

scarlet and grey

I liked this particular combination, because while it definitely reads as scarlet and grey, it’s also a bit richer looking than the usual OSU gear. I don’t normally knit with superwash yarn, and I probably won’t should I ever knit one of these for a child of my own, but I’d rather not saddle my brother with the responsibility of washing ordinary wool, easy though it may be. The Vintage yarn seems pretty nice, for superwash, but it does definitely feel like superwash to me.

Kathy’s pattern is incredibly well-written! I don’t normally follow patterns all that closely when I use them (which makes it all the more funny that I try to write them!), but I’m following this one and it’s great. I even learned a new variant on the long-tail cast-on:

contrast edge

I love that little pop of contrast color at the cuff!


8 thoughts on “budgie beginnings

  1. You’re right – those are lovely rich colors, much nicer than the usual team color-type gear, but still very authentic. And I love the cast-on! I’m impressed that your case of startitis seems only to have resulted in one new project OTN… :)

    • Well, there’s also the Min Ulla set – for someone who’s switched over to pretty hardcore project monogamy, starting two new projects while trying to complete the garter rib cardigan feels awfully like startitis :)


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