and onto the sleeve…


Time for another “behind the scenes” update. I’ve set the body aside for now, and have moved on to knitting the sleeve:

sleeve progress

I’ve still got a few more inches to go (I have ridiculously long arms for my height; I’m 5’3, but have the armspan of someone who’s 5’8 or 5’9), but I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out.

tubular cast-on

I’m aiming for a fairly relaxed-fitting sleeve, so I went with a slightly higher than normal percentage of the body stitches at the cuff than I normally would. As for the body, I used a tubular cast-on, and knit in 1×1 rib rather than garter rib at first.


I made the cuff extra long, with the idea that I could either let it hang over my hands when I’m cold, or fold it up when I need to have my hands free. After I switched to garter rib, I began knitting centered double increases every 8 rounds in order to widen the sleeve to the measurement I want at the upper arm:

centered double increases

I love how these increases let me maintain the lines of the garter rib! Once I reach the upper arm, I’ll place stitches from the center of my wedge of increases on waste yarn to be joined using Kitchener stitch to their corresponding stitches from the body.

One more of these to go, and then I get to start my favorite part: shaping the seamless, set-in sleeves! And after that, I get to figure out how in the heck to make a shawl-collar (lots and lots of short-rows, I think?), and decide which stitch pattern to knit it in (garter? 2×2 rib? seed stitch? I want something that looks the same on either side, I know that much!). And finally, pockets! And then I’ll have an awesome new cardigan to wear!


6 thoughts on “and onto the sleeve…

  1. Okay, but you NEED to write this one up. ;) Garter rib, set-in sleeves and a shawl collar sounds like my dream cardigan, and I’ve been searching for the holy grail of patterns for months!

    • No worries, I am writing it up as I go! Hopefully there won’t be such a long lag between my finished sweater and the finished pattern like there has been in the past :)


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