Well, the "startitis" of my last post well relatively short-lived - in fact, I've hardly knit at all since the last time I posted. Partly this is just a matter of the semester ramping up - my students are turning in assignments, which means I need to read them and give them feedback, plus there… Continue reading setbacks


budgie beginnings

I have apparently acquired a raging case of start-itis: Yesterday, I cast on for the Budgie cardigan I'm knitting for my niecephew-to-be (due in June). My brother and his wife are big OSU fans, so I wanted to knit a scarlet and grey striped Budgie for their wee one. I'm using Berroco's Vintage DK yarn,… Continue reading budgie beginnings

min ulla


So, I've been knitting a few rounds on the Min Ulla mittens every morning while I'm at my desk, and now that I've knit a few inches, I'm coming to a realization... ...I'm not very good at knitting colorwork. This is probably mostly due the fact that I haven't actually knit a stranded colorwork project… Continue reading stranded.