winter is here.


In my frantic race to finish the Secret Thing, I forgot to post last Wednesday! But it’s finished now, and after knitting that intensely in that short a time-frame with a mostly-cotton yarn, my achy hands were thrilled to get to play with some wool:

79: wool!

You might recognize that yarn as the yarn I was using to knit Aidez. I ended up ripping out the knitting I’d done on that cardigan, because my gauge was going a bit wacky, and decided I’d rather knit up a simpler cardigan, like this one that I pinned a little while back (speaking of which, have y’all discovered Pintrest yet? Biggest time suck, ever, but such eye candy!). So, I’ve been swatching:

garter rib

I think I’m going to go down a needle size or two from this swatch, because it’s just too loosey-goosey, but I’m very excited about the idea of a comfy grey Eco Wool cardigan in garter rib. It’ll fill a very important hole in my winter wardrobe!

82: snow.

Speaking of Winter, we had our first big blast of snow here this week. According to NOAA, we’ve gotten 25 inches so far, and according to my little weather App on my computer, it’s not supposed to stop snowing anytime soon. And of course, snow means shoveling, and 4 years of shoveling every winter means…

81: demise.

…my beloved mittens have finally completely and utterly given out. I’m still wearing them, for now, but what was a thin-spot is now a bona-fide hole, and it’s superwash yarn, so there’s not a great way of closing it. Thankfully, I already have the yarn to make a new pair:

sap and almanac

Now I just need to find the time. The end of the semester crunch is in full swing right now, and I am exhausted from being pulled a million directions all semester long. Wish me luck?


4 thoughts on “winter is here.

  1. You know what? I’ve discovered that superwash wool is crap for mittens anyway! Because of the superwash treatment, the yarn absorbs water rather than repelling it. I made my daughter some mittens out of superwash wool and they’re so very cute, but no good at keeping the wet snow out. Unfortunately, we discovered this during a (brief) sledding excursion. Now that winter is really here in Wisconsin, too (we got 4″ of snow….not nearly as much as you…but it’s winter all the same!) she’s been wearing an older pair of mittens in NON-superwash wool that work much better.
    Anyway, enjoy the snow and happy knitting!

  2. I’m with you about knitting wool. My hands tire out so much faster with cotton.

    I’m also a total sucker for garter rib and I can’t wait to see how your sweater comes out.

    Pinterest is indeed awesome. I spend way too much time there.

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