not much to say…


It’s Wednesday, so I feel obliged to make good on my “post at least every Wednesday” plan, but I really don’t have too much to say. Or rather, I have lots of things I’d love to tell you about, but I have to be all secretive about them for now. Which is KILLING ME. Seriously, you’ll just have to trust me that the thing I am currently killing my wrists working on is going to be awesome. And you’re going to have to keep trusting me for a rather long time. Luckily for y’all (and not so luckily for my poor wrists!) the deadline for this particular knit is quite soon, so I’ll be able to go back to bloggable knitting. But for awhile here, I ain’t got much. The days are getting shorter and shorter, which makes photography difficult – I don’t have much time after the sun comes up to take pictures in the morning, and when we get home from work…

61: porchlight.

…the only photos I can take are weird artsy-fartsy black and white shots under our porchlight. Between the secret projects and the less-than-optimal photography conditions, I’m left feeling rather devoid of blog-able content. So instead, today, I’m going to point y’all over to Lauren’s blog, where you can see her totally awesome Stripes! sweater. I love the way it looks in the darker Eco Wool that she used.

I still get such a thrill out of the fact that I can write a pattern for something and other people can then make that something for themselves. So exciting!

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! As crappy and frustrating as life can get sometimes, I’m still so thankful for every moment of it, and I’m glad I have such great people to share it with.


One thought on “not much to say…

  1. ohhhhh I wonder what the secret is!! I can’t wait for the big reveal. And yeah, isn’t it awesome to see someone else make something from a pattern you wrote?! I’m totally amazed every time. It’s great!

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