nearing the end…


…of the commissioned Vahtralehed cardigan:

67: almost there.

All that remains is the button-bands, and then it’ll be truly finished. I noticed a couple of typos while following my own pattern, in the yoke -nothing major, but I’ll be updating the pattern to take care of them, regardless. Thankfully, Ravelry makes it very easy to make sure everyone gets the new, improved version!

The semester grinds on, wearing me down with it. I spent my undergrad (plus a fifth year for my first masters) at a quarter-based school, and I have to say that I prefer that schedule, downsides and all. I’ve been at a semester-school for years now, and I still fall into a terrible slump right around week 10, every single semester – right at the point where I’d be finishing up and getting a break, were I still at a quarter-school. Spring semester isn’t as bad, because we get a break around week 8 or 9 or so, but Fall is just terrible. Thanksgiving “break” is far too short and far too late to do any good; I’ll be spending mine catching up on grading for my class, anyhow. And of course the days start getting noticeably shorter right around that 10-week mark, too. And this year – well, I’ve been going-going-going without much in the way of a break since pretty much Spring Break of last year (which wasn’t even much of a break, as I recall, thanks to travel + sickness!), what with the Pedagogy course and the summer teaching and whatnot. I’ll be putting most of my energy towards dragging my tired, burnt-out self over the finish line these last few weeks, that’s all I can say.

The weather today isn’t making it any easier…such a dreary, rainy, windy day. I don’t think there’ll be any leaves left on the trees tomorrow morning.

69: rainy day.


3 thoughts on “nearing the end…

    • I hope you acclimate to semesters quicker than me! I’m in my 5th year on them and I’m *still* not used to it. 16 weeks is a long time to stay so focused without any breaks. Good luck making it to the end!


  1. The cardigan’s looking amazing, and honestly, your terrific photos make your grey, rainy day look pretty appealing. Perfect for holing up with a cup of tea and a novel… oh wait, make that a whole pot of coffee, a bunch of books on narrative theory, and my dissertation (not quite as appealing).

    Yes, semesters do get long, but at least there are only two of them! I switched from semesters to quarters, and I’m still not quite used to it. The end of spring quarter just about kills me, as it’s so nice outside.

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