another wednesday, another post


Still plugging away at the commissioned sweater and the secret knitting, and of course, at all of the things I need to be doing teaching-wise and research-wise. I’ve been so busy lately, but I’m really glad I was able to make time on Monday to go to my local knitting guild meeting (for the first time ever). What did it take to finally get me to take the plunge into attending guild meetings?

A visit from Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed. Here’s my totally crappy cell phone shot of the event:

60: guild.

It was so great to get to hear him tell the story behind his blogging, his designing, and his new yarn. His blog was actually one of the very first blogs I ever followed, back before I even had a blog of my own; the first blog I ever read regularly was Hello Yarn, and I think I followed a link from there to Jared’s blog, and was hooked. I loved his photography, and loved knowing there was such a “kindred spirit” out there in terms of my particular knitting loves (especially Elizabeth Zimmermann and wooly wools). I got a chance to chat with him briefly before his talk, while he was sitting at a table with samples of his lovely designs, and he was so incredibly nice in person! (I know, I sound like a total fangirl. Sorry!). I think I might have slightly geeked out at him about my love for the wooly wools and his new Shelter yarn in particular. And he complimented my Vahtralehed sweater, which pretty much made my night.

Of course, there was more to Guild than just Jared, and I do intend to keep going. I met some really nice ladies (and got to spend some time with ladies I already knew, but rarely see), and it was just nice to spend a little time with people who aren’t my colleagues (not that I don’t like my colleagues, but you know what I mean).

I’ve already mentioned how much I love Shelter – after reading reviews of it online, I couldn’t resist ordering a few skeins to play around with. It’s seriously nice stuff. I love woolen-spun yarns, and I love the heathered colors, and the weight is perfect – a very versatile light-worsted (oh, and I hear there will be a fingering-weight version at some point, which is super-duper exciting!).

sap and almanac

I got a skein each of “Sap” and “Almanac”, with the intention of replacing my poor worn-out Mr. Estonian Mitten (and Partner), which have developed a hole in the thumb thanks to the abuse I put them through, shoveling snow last winter. But that wasn’t all…

thistle, faded quilt, and woodsmoke

I also picked up a skein each of “Thistle”, “Faded Quilt”, and “Woodsmoke”, with the intention of swatching for a possible colorwork yoke. Basically, I’m dying to have a sweater in that “Thistle” color, and might be able to excuse getting the yarn to make it if I can create a new design while I’m at it. We’ll see when that ever happens, given everything that’s on my plate right now. But seriously, how could I resist?


I am just so into that shade of purple lately. But of course, for now my attention is demanded by projects of a commissioned and secret nature, so there won’t be any knitting with this delicious stuff for awhile, yet.

5 thoughts on “another wednesday, another post

  1. mick

    That really is the perfect shade of purple. I’m still trying to destash, but this yarn will definitely be on the top of my list when it’s time to replenish!

  2. Sarah

    I keep coming back to those photos! The yarn is gorgeous! I’d really like to buy some in homemade jam, button jar or almanac to knit your Vahtralehed sweater. But I’m nervous I’d be getting myself in over my head since I am currently finishing only my first sweater!

  3. Sounds like a pretty awesome guild meeting. I’m starting to get involved in the Guild near me and it’s been great so far.

    I still find Shelter incredibly tempting and, so, I’m avoiding it until I finish up my gift knitting for the season. I have a feeling I won’t finish anything if I buy a few skeins.

  4. Regarding the guild meeting, how exciting! And regarding your first blogs…I was hooked on the same as well! It’s so funny to look back to that point (circa 2005 for most people, if you’re counting) and remember all the blogs I used to read, how many have dropped off or moved to Ravelry for ease of communication, and the others who still faithfully post to this day. It’s this giant living, breathing being and I love being a part of it : )

    Oh, and I’m DYING to see what you swatch/make with all those glorious colors!!

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