my lone rhinebeck purchase.


I mentioned in my last post that I bought one thing the entire time I was at Rhinebeck. That was true last year, too, when my only loot was a signed copy of Clara Parke’s “The Knitter’s Book of Wool”. Like last year, I came to the festival with a plan. And here is the culmination of that plan:

42: wound.

I bought a Strauch jumbo ball-winder, from Mr. Strauch himself. It’s a pricey ball-winder, yes, but my old plastic one has bitten the dust, and given how often I knit with yarn that comes in large skeins, it only made sense to replace the plastic one with a sturdy wooden jumbo one. You can see one of the benefits of that decision already…I can ball up Eco Wool with it! No more spending 1.5 hours in front of the TV, hand-winding a ball of yarn nearly as large as my head.

Despite being way too busy for my own good, with projects for other people as well as a for-now secret project on top of all of my teaching and research stuff, I couldn’t resist casting on for something out of that ball of Eco Wool. And so I present the start of an Aidez cardigan:

43: ribbing.

I’m modifying the pattern somewhat, knitting the fronts and back at the same time, with a plan to join the sleeves for a seamless raglan finish at the top. You know me, I can’t just leave a pattern alone.

tubular cast-on

I used the tubular cast-on to get started, since the hems are 1×1 ribbing. I am such a convert to the tubular cast-on. It takes a bit longer, yes, but I seriously cannot imagine using anything else for ribbing ever again.

I really hope, against all odds, to be able to finish this cardigan fairly soon. I need more cardigans like crazy. My poor maple leaf cardigan, beloved as it is, is going to fall apart eventually, if I wear it as often as I currently do. But everything else I’ve made is a pullover! And cardigans are just so much more versatile, especially given the range of temperatures I confront as I move between cubicles, classrooms, conference rooms, and outdoors. We’ll see.


6 thoughts on “my lone rhinebeck purchase.

  1. barefootrooster

    i’m excited to see more of this…and interested in your modifications! this sweater is totally on my list. maybe over winter break? hooray for a ball winder that can handle ecowool!

  2. yep… cardigans are the only way to go for teaching :) I must say, I have my favourite long, oversized, hooded cardigan that I reach for most days. I really need a few more that I like as much!

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