autumn is here.


I’m not feeling all that well this weekend, so instead of one of my usual wordy posts, here are some pictures:

25: apples.
Apple Season in Western NY

19: bread.
Honey Flax Bread, straight out of the oven

NewBee: October
Stack of solids & prints for my NewBee quilt

27: first paintbox squares
First Paintbox squares, from my friend Kris

sock progress
Progress on the second Think On Your Feet sock

I hope Autumn is treating you well, dear readers! I’ll be at Rhinebeck next weekend (but only on Saturday), so if you’ll be there too, let me know…I’d love to get to say hello in person!


6 thoughts on “autumn is here.

  1. Jocelyn

    I wish i were going to be there, but alas, no. I’ll have to ve vicariously through all of you who are going. Love those pictures, especially the apples- i love apple season!

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