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In Appreciation of Elizabeth Zimmermann

Today would be Elizabeth Zimmermann’s 100th birthday. Like so many other knitters, I am indebted to her genius, and her willingness to teach, share, and encourage us to be fearless, thoughtful knitters. Her books were a primary source of information and inspiration when I began to embark on the process of knitting sweaters for myself. My Stripes! design owes much to her writings on the yoked sweater, and I’m hoping to release another pattern this fall with a similar take on the seamless set-in sleeve (remember “The Swatch“? That’s the one!). The maple leaf design I’m currently writing up isn’t an EZ-style yoke, but it definitely took some EZ-style ingenuity to achieve. Speaking of which…

starting over.

If you are an observant reader, you might wonder why on earth the cardigan is looking rather less than it did in the previous post. Well, dear observant reader, that would be due to a mistake on my part; I somehow miscounted when I cast-on, and ended up with 4 extra stitches in the body of the sweater. Only 4 stitches, and if I were knitting the sweater for myself, I may have been tempted to just fudge them away somehow, but this is not a sweater for me. And 4 stitches is an entire inch at this gauge, and an extra inch is noticeable. I wanted to kick myself for having made it so far into the sweater before realizing anything was amiss…my time is so limited these days, and throwing away over a week’s worth of knitting was no fun at all. But taking EZ’s advice to “knit on, through all crises”, I’ve started over, and will hopefully be able to make up some lost time now that I’m finished teaching. I spent the weekend working on the pattern (you can see some of my math underneath the book, above), and after bending my brain trying to figure out how to make multiple sizes out of such a large lace repeat, I *think* I’ve got it. We’ll see if it works out nicely in the testing phase.

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