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Time just keeps marching forward, much faster than I’d like for it to. This week is the last week of the summer class I’m teaching, after which I’ll have a very brief break before I start ramping things up for the writing course I’ll be teaching Fall and Spring next year. So many of the people I know are defending their dissertations and moving on, and I’m trying to get myself on track to do the same within the next couple of years. So busy. Why oh why doesn’t life come with a “pause” button?

making progress

I’m making progress on the cardigan I showed y’all in my last post, too. It’s always a little bit confusing, when I knit sweaters for people who are not me (and specifically, for people who are bigger than me), because I have a pretty good sense for how long, say, the body of a yoked sweater should take me to knit, but that sense is entirely based on knitting for myself. So it feels like this is taking forever, even though it really isn’t. I’m mostly just overly eager to reach the yoke, because I know thinking through the shaping on the needles is going to help immensely towards getting a pattern written in multiple sizes.

closeup of front border

I am still pretty much madly in love with the little nupp & eyelet borders on the front, even the second time around. It’s such a simple little detail, but I feel like it adds a whole lot to the overall look of the cardigan.

Ren’s pretty excited about the sweater, too…

ren and the sweater

2 thoughts on “progressing.”

  1. That color is so pretty! It’s truly a beautiful design.

    There are never enough hours in the day, and figuring out how to prioritize is the biggest challenge of grad school. After a couple years of anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve finally settled on being well-balanced, getting enough sleep, and having some fun. Otherwise it’s just not worth it, esp. when the academy is such a nutty place to exist.

  2. It’s looking good!

    I know what you mean about that pause button. I have often wished for one myself, but have never found it. Good luck getting through the rest of this class and ramping up for the fall; that’s where I’m at as of next week, so I sympathize!

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