still growing…


More Neuron Sock action…

neuron sock

I’m nearing the ankle now. I’m splitting the axon so that part of it wraps around the foot, to run down towards the toes, and the other part will have terminals that end just before the heel flap. The pattern is shaping up nicely, too, but there’s still a lot to be done before it’s ready to be published. Thankfully, the original deadline of April 19th for the design contest has been pushed back to May 21st, so there’s still a chance these will be done in time to be entered. It just wasn’t going to happen with the old deadline, not with the massive pile of lab reports I’ve got to be grading in the next week or so.

Someone couldn’t keep his paws off the sock, unfinished though it is…

got it!

Oh, Ren!


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