it’s been awhile.


I appear to have abandoned my blog for over a month now! It wasn’t intentional, simply the result of a very busy schedule in which I’m having a heck of a time staying healthy. I’m taking my very last class as a graduate student, a neuroscience class for which I have absolutely no background, but which is absolutely fascinating (and which makes me want to learn embroidery so that I can embroider our synapse diagrams, which are really pretty!). I’m also TAing the same course I TAed last year, but this time there are about 40 more students in it (taking it from just over a hundred to just under 150), which, as you can probably imagine, has upped the workload significantly. I’m also trying to put together series of experiments for a dissertation proposal, which is stressing me out quite a bit. So, suffice it to say, the knitting hasn’t seen a lot of action in the last couple of months.

Which is really too bad, because I’ve got loads of design ideas, and several projects already on the needles. I was hoping to get working on some of them now, over Spring Break, but am instead holed up with a nasty respiratory infection. I’m so grouchy about it, because this was going to be the one time when I could have time to get some work done and do some fun stuff, too, and instead I barely have the energy to do the work, much less anything else on top of that. And of course, it’s gotten warm and sunny, and I’m stuck inside! Perhaps I’ll try to take a really easy walk later today; I really don’t want to miss out completely on these first hints of Spring.

There have been a few things I’ve been meaning to write about here, so I’m going to make this yet another brain-dump post of sorts.

First up: You snooze, you lose. You know how I was working on writing up a pattern for those mittens I wore at Rhinebeck (and pretty much every day, too)? Well, look at the cover of this book. Those mittens on the cover are so incredibly close to the mitten pattern I’m working on that it’s probably not worth continuing. It’s frustrating to know that my extremely slow pattern-writing speed is getting in the way like this, but given that I’m a full-time grad student, it’s either publish patterns slowly, or don’t publish them at all.

Next up: Thinking about Socks! I’ve kind of fallen off the sock-knitting wagon in favor of my beloved sweaters, but Elinor has a brilliant idea that just might kick me into gear on the sock-knitting front. I’ve had an idea for a geeky sock design sitting around in my head for several years now, and I think I might actually try to make it happen. Here’s a little hint of where my brain’s at (::snicker::)…

thinking socks...

I’m going to try to swatch up some of my ideas this afternoon, if I can find the energy. I even have a totally pun-tastic name picked out for the design, so I really hope I can make this happen.

Last up: My love and lack of cardigans. A few days ago, the Yarn Harlot posted about her most-worn sweater. It got me thinking about my own most worn sweater. As you probably know if you follow my flickr stream, I wear pretty much all of my handknits a lot, but there’s one sweater that gets worn more than any others. It was the sweater I wore during our visit to Columbus to see our brand new niece this weekend (when it was warm enough for just a sweater and t-shirt!):

warm! [365x2.269]

Yep, it’s the maple leaf cardigan. I love it to pieces. A big part of this is that I’m super-duper proud of the design, but I know a lot of the frequency with which I wear it is due to a much simpler fact: it’s a cardigan. I love my pullovers, don’t get me wrong, but cardigans are so versatile, particularly this year, now that my office is in a new spot in our building that tends to be fairly warm. Since I’m thinking a whole lot about babies lately (it seems like everyone around me is having them!), I’m also thinking that cardigans would be a heck of a lot more useful than pullovers, should I ever acquire a baby bump of my own. Fortunately, most of the sweaters I want to knit in the near future (both my own designs, and other peoples’) are cardigans, so I should be pretty well set.

On the subject of the maple leaf cardigan in particular, I was recently asked by one of my colleagues if I would be willing to knit her one, if she paid for the yarn. Since I am in the process of trying to write a pattern, and getting to test-knit once again it in a very different size than my own would actually be really helpful to me, I agreed. So I’m hoping to get started on that very soon.

Next week, I’ll be in NYC for a conference, so the next thing on the docket for me is preparing the poster I’ll be presenting there. That’s almost like crafting, right? Bah!


10 thoughts on “it’s been awhile.

  1. barefootrooster

    hooray for cardigans, last grad classes ever, and pretty neurological drawings. and by the way, that picture of you is lovely! something about the light, your beautiful hair, and the teal of that cardigan! so pretty. (it is almost t-shirt and sweater weather here. i may have worn flip-flops yesterday because it hit 50.) i know that the cold will come back, but this hint of spring sure is nice!

    • Thanks! I was so excited to be wearing just a t-shirt and a sweater, and to have such beautiful sunlight! I’m sure it will get chilly and rainy here soon enough, so I went out and sat on our porch for a little while today even though I’m still pretty sick, just to get a little taste of Spring.


  2. Maggie

    I’m here to confirm that cardigans are the god-send of maternity wear. They are the only thing that still fits properly without alteration (or cursing, or depressive body-funks)in all months of baby-growing. I got lucky that my cardi stash was obscenely large pre-bump, so I’ve had a lot to work with. And if you are cheap like me (and not good at knitting like me, which is not an issue for you), you can make your own cardigans by just buying long-sleeve knit shirts and cutting right up the middle. No buttons or sewing necessary. Whenever I go to thrift stores I buy a couple of these in different colors for like $2 then cut at will. Instant new clothes!

    • Good to hear it from someone who knows! That’s really clever, the cutting of the knit shirts…I’ll have to give that a try for some lightweight cardigans (I may love knitting, but I don’t think I love it quite enough to knit something at that fine a gauge!)


  3. I LOVE the maple leaf cardigan too. I am really excited for when you get some time to write it up!

    Sorry about the mittens. If it makes you feel better, I probably would never buy that book but it’s possible if you had a pattern of your own that I’d buy it. But – you probably don’t need to have all THAT much to do. Might as well drop it for the sake of your health!

    Can’t wait to see how the sock turns out!

    • Thanks! I really hope that by the time I’m finished knitting the sweater for my colleague, I can have a pattern ready to go out for tech editing/test knitting.

      I may still write up the pattern for my mittens, but they’ve definitely been knocked down my list of priorities, that’s for sure. I had an idea for a matching double-knit hat, and if I can ever find the right yarns to pull that off, I might write them up as a set.


  4. Lisle

    Oooh, I want to test knit! I guarantee my size is different from yours! Waaay different! I’m a slow knitter, though. But it’s a great sweater, and I’d love it.

    Your socks look fun…

  5. I love your blue cardi! It looks so good on you too :)

    I hear you about the design thing, I’ve had the same thing happen before… I totally feel for you!

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