skier hat, finished!

skier hat, with cat

And in plenty of time to send up to my dad for his birthday!

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Skier Hat, from Bea Ellis Knitwear
Yarn: Dale of Norway Heilo, plus some cotton for the lining
Needles: size 3 for lining, size 5 for hat
Knit for: my awesome cross-country skier dad!

Yesterday I blocked the hat. I struggled to find some appropriate to block it over, since the crown shaping doesn’t really allow for it to be pinned out flat. Fortunately, our seriously Indian food habit came in handy, as we had a giant plastic jar of rice that was the perfect size!

skier hat, blocking

Here’s the aforementioned crown shaping:

skier hat, from above

Isn’t it pretty? I ended up taking out several rows of the charted pattern, since as written, it was turning out to be a very tall hat. Now, it’s still a bit too tall for me, but hopefully will fit my dad perfectly:

the skier hat

As you can see, I made a couple of braids to attach to the hat for extra decoration. They can fly behind my dad while he skis! He’s going to be taking part in the Birkebeiner ski race up in MN a few days after his birthday later this month, so I’m really happy to have finished this hat up in time to send it to him for that.

I hope you like it, dad!


10 thoughts on “skier hat, finished!”

  1. …oh my god, I can’t believe I just said “expecially”. I apologize profusely to any and everyone who reads that. I really do know the difference, and it’s such a huge pet peeve of mine. NOOOOOOOOO!!!

  2. Beautiful work on the hat! Hope it keeps your dad’s ears warm during the race. The weather can be biting cold in northern Wisconsin that time of year. Also hope he does well in the Birkebeiner. It is a very prestigious race among xc racers.

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