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(Photo of cat, to placate those who believe that ideally, all blog posts should contain photos. Of which group I would be a member.) I have a lot of knitting-type things on my mind, so I thought I’d do a bit of a brain-dump, because I also have a lot of non-knitting-type things on my mind, and there isn’t really room for both at the moment. So, here goes:

Thing the first: I am thinking about ripping out what I’ve knit so far on the sleeve of the Hollyberry Cardigan. I hate negative progress, but I am not entirely happy with the way the fit is working out in terms of the increases and the wrist circumference, and am also not entirely happy with the way the roositud turned out on the leaves. Since the entire point of designing this sweater was to make a sweater I am entirely happy with, and that can be written into a pattern for other people to make sweaters that they are entirely happy with, it seems silly to continue when I am not entirely happy. So, yes, ripping. It will be done.

Thing the second: I have started trying to dress nicely (you can see my wardrobe project here on flickr), and have realized that there is one item that would make dressing up in nice-looking layers much easier for me: a charcoal-grey cardigan. I don’t have a ton of cardigans (you will notice that my poor maple leaf cardigan gets LOTS of action in my outfits), and the only grey layering piece I have is a well-worn zip-up fleece hoodie, which doesn’t really suit the whole “dressing nicely” thing. So, I would like to knit myself a grey cardigan. I’m leaning toward Kerrera, partly because it looks to me like the “dress up” version of my hoodie, and I think it would look nice layered with my skirts. Alas, I don’t have any appropriate yarn in the stash, so I will need to acquire some. I’m currently leaning towards using one of the darker grey colors of Eco Wool. We’ll see.

Thing the third: I am thinking about submitting something to Knitty, for the First Fall/Holiday Headstart issue. I’ve got the design worked out in my head, but have yet to acquire yarn to actually knit it up and write it down. It’s just a little (read: non-sweater) something featuring some of the Estonian techniques I’ve been putting all over everything lately. We’ll see if I can get my act together in time.

Thing the fourth: I am trying to carve out some time to write drafts of patterns for Garter Whimsy (the v-neck, seamless set-in sleeve sweater) and Vahtralehe (the maple leaf cardigan) so that I can get them out to test-knitters. So far, my attempts to carve out said time have been wildly unsuccessful. This new semester is a wee bit overwhelming, so far.

Thing the fifth: I finished the knitting on my dad’s skier hat. I made it quite a bit shorter, and now I’m paranoid that I’ve made it too short. It fits my head pretty well (a teensy bit big, but not much), but I suspect my dad’s head is bigger than mine. But maybe not…I always need to enlarge the neckholes on sweaters and things, so maybe my noggin is on the large side. In any case, I’m planning to block the hat today, and send it up to him next week. Dear dad, if it does not fit you well, please tell me and I will fix it! Expect pictures soon.

Thing the sixth: I am considering doing another stash sale, and sending the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders/MSF this time around. I’m just realizing that some of the stuff I hung on to the last time I culled the stash is not stuff I am ever going to knit with, as much as I like it. So, it needs to go. We do not have the kind of storage space to hang onto yarns just because I like them. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Thing the seventh: I sold my 40th copy of the Stripes! pattern this week! I’m kind of stupidly proud of this, teensy as that number may be. Anyway, in the process we have raised over $50 for Heifer International, and $30 for Doctors Without Borders/MSF. Thanks for buying my pattern, y’all. I promise there will be more where that one came from, eventually!

4 thoughts on “things i am thinking about”

  1. 1. I agree; rip it! It will be worth it in the end.
    2. I love seeing your outfits! A grey cardigan would work nicely. I tend to make bright colored sweaters, but good neutrals are essential.

    And I’m always excited to hear about you writing patterns. But I know you’re busy, and sometimes real life has to come first :)

  2. Oh I haven’t seen Kerrera before and I really like it! I think it would look great on you. And when you said “charcoal gray” the first thing I thought was “gunmetal ecowoorl” – you know, the color I’m currently using for my own Stripes!? (that exclamation point/question mark combo looks especially great there) If you’re still debating about a cardigan pattern, might I suggest a couple? You can always ignore me of course. :) So I bet since you knew about Kerrera you’ve seen Gudrun’s Moch Cardi? I’m also a fan of the Farmer’s Market Cardigan – I really like those lines and pockets. And I think Tea Leaves would look really nice on you. Hi, I apparently always leave you epic blog comments now.

  3. Your Flickr wardrobe project shames me just a bit. I find it very weird that the dress standards are so wildly different between the students and the instructors and if I wore many skirts and had more cardigans myself I would probably try to remedy that gap.

    But I guess I don’t really have to, just think about it.

    Ohhh I can’t wait to see your maple leaf cardigan. I’ve noticed your wearing it a lot and I think it looks like a great, comfortable, wear-whenever type of cardigan. But since I don’t knit very quickly on sweaters myself, I can be patient until you find some time to release those patterns! Lots of luck with this semester!

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