I finished grading my stack of exam answers this morning, and have spent the rest of the day being a knitting fiend. There’s still a bit more administrative work to be done before I’m totally done with my teaching duties this semester, but oh, how nice it feels to be (pretty much) done! I’ve made quite a lot of progress on my new cardigan since the last time I posted, mostly this afternoon:

cardigan progress

I’m almost finished with the waist-decreases. Progress is pretty slow with this sweater, given the small gauge (6sts/8rows per inch). But the resulting fabric feels fabulous, so it’ll be worth it in the end.

st-denis nordique

I am falling madly in love with the yarn I’m using: St-Denis Nordique. Remember awhile back, when I posted asking whether there was a dk-weight “equivalent” to Cascade 220? Well, for me this is it. It’s pretty much the perfect yarn; sturdy, even, feels fantastic in the hand, and knits up happily in a range of gauges from sport through dk weight. And the color range is wonderful, too. The four balls above are the colors I’m using in the cardigan I’m knitting, and I’m delighted with how nicely they go together.

If I’m sounding totally fan-girly about this yarn, it’s because I am. I want to design a whole bunch of sweaters in it. Oh, if only I had the time!

future thrummed mittens

What you see above is one of the projects that will be taking up some of my time in the near future. Last week, after a particularly cold day, my husband requested Thrummed Mittens, to keep his hands warm on the long walk from the parking lot to the building where we work. How can any knitter resist a request like that from their beloved? So, that evening, we went online, looked at kits, and he chose that one from Fleece Artist as his Solstice present. And yes, we do have very similar taste in colors…I probably would have picked the same one for myself! (I’m actually planning to make myself a pair out of leftovers from my second Girlified Cobblestone sweater, though, so we won’t be too matchy-matchy). So now I need to figure out how to make thrums, and get knitting!


5 thoughts on “hooray!

  1. Those colors for your cardigan look so incredibly beautiful! I saw this yarn in my LYS a few weeks ago and it really does feel wonderful. I have also been contemplating thrummed mittens (for probably years now!), I’m excited to see how yours end up.

  2. Hooray indeed!!
    I’ve been dying to try that Nordique yarn. One of our LYS has plenty in stock, and I already bought the St. Denis magazine. But I have so much yarn and so many projects already, I’m trying to show a bit of restraint…

  3. Thanks for posting a review of the St. Denis yarn. I have yet to work with it, but you make it sound wonderful!

    Also, how could I have missed the fact that there are thrummed mitten kits?!? Oh, the awesomeness!

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