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almost there.

The semester is almost over now. My students take their final exam on Thursday morning, and then there’s the grading left to do, but I should be done with things just in time to celebrate the Solstice, which is nice. I could definitely use a break.

I decided to take a brief break from work to cast on for something new. I’ve barely knit in the last few weeks, so it was really nice to get my hands back to doing what they like to do. Remember the swatch I showed a couple posts back, with the hollyberries in nupps and roositud? It has begun…

vikkel braid!

I did a tubular cast-on for 1×1 rib, and topped it off with a two-color vikkel braid. Vikkel braids make me so unbelievably happy. The body is going to be very plain, just dark brown stockinette with waist shaping, but the yoke (and wrists of the sleeves) will incorporate the details from that swatch. I’m so eager to see this one shape up. I’m trying to write the pattern as I knit this time around, so as not to have such a lag between when I finish the sweater and when I can get a pattern posted for it. I know I’ve got several other as-yet-not-fully-written patterns on the docket, too, which I hope to make serious efforts towards finishing up this Winter Break.

ren plus knitting

I also have a new toy, which is indirectly part of this post already. I decided to take the tutoring money I’ve been saving up this semester and invest in a DSLR camera. I just got it, so today’s the first day I’ve taken any pictures with it. I have no idea what I’m doing yet, but am enjoying the learning process!

whee! [365x2.187]

6 thoughts on “almost there.”

  1. I can already tell that this sweater is going to be clasically beautiful. I’m really excited to see it progress. And I’m terribly jealous of your new camera, too.

  2. that braid is so pretty! and yay for being so close to done. i’m almost there too…can’t wait to just curl up and knit this weekend.

  3. i’ve been away on flickr, so i really have a lot to catch up on, but i just wanted to pop in and say congrats on the new camera! HOORAY! i know you will love it so much :)

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