a total hodge-podge

Oh my goodness, I haven’t posted here in over a month! I’ve just been so, so busy with the teaching and the tutoring and the research and the illness and whatnot that what little free time I usually have completely evaporated in November. I spent literally every single day of Thanksgiving break writing lectures, coding data, and preparing conference abstracts. I did take a brief break to make some delicious food for Thanksgiving, using the same menu of recipes that we used last year (and wearing my very seasonally-appropriate maple-leaf cardigan):

thanksgiving. [365x2.168]

So, there’s not really much of anything to report on the knitting front. The only “progress” I made has been ripped out…I cast on for a vest in the first week of November, following along with everyone else in celebrating “Vestvember”. I’d planned to make a vest version of Stripes!, using my leftover Noro and a skein of Cascade Eco wool:

future vest. [365x2.152]

Alas, I ended up knitting almost the entire thing, only to abandon it, with plans to rip. Why? Well, for one, I decided to take several people’s advice and go with zero ease. And I’m realizing that I just don’t DO zero ease. I like a little breathing room! The other issue is that a gauge of 4 sts/inch, at least on someone as petite as I am, is really pretty darn chunky for a vest. So, my one project for November has been set aside, although I do have plans to take my adapt my original idea into something I’d like a lot better, using the sock-weight version of Noro for a vest with better drape. Wait and see!

Oh, and speaking of Stripes!, I wore it in one of my 365 self-portrait shots early last week:

so. exhausted. [365x2.173]

Wearing Stripes! is not news, in itself, since I wear that sweater ALL THE TIME, but that photo spurred a discussion about a hypothetical Knitting Olympics (which you can read, if you click on that photo). Having become pretty much oblivious to everything that’s happened since I started reading for comps (I’m not really exaggerating much on that one), I hadn’t even realized the Olympics were coming up at all! But they are. So, if you inclined towards the combination of Olympics and Knitting, it’s time to start thinking! Just a PSA for y’all.

One last thing that actually IS news, is that we’ve adopted a third cat! We just picked her up yesterday. Her name is Nina, and she’s 1.5 years old, but very very tiny. We saw her several weeks ago in the adoption center at Petco, and couldn’t get her out of our heads. Here she is:

meet nina! [365x2.177]

I have no idea when I’ll be able to post next. I give my last lecture tomorrow, but then there’s review sessions and exam grading and whatnot keeping me pretty busy right through to the end of the semester. To anyone who has been patiently waiting for me to write up patterns for a few of the things I’ve been promising to write up patterns for, my deepest apologies…I promise I will start tackling those once I get a little time after the semester is over. I hope December is treating everybody well so far!

14 thoughts on “a total hodge-podge”

    1. Thank you! She’s so precious, but hasn’t been very helpful on the sleeping front, which is really not so good during the end of semester rush. C’est la vie!


  1. i’m with mick — good luck with the end-of-semester madness. i love these photos of your knits in action. and yes, even though i’m not really a cat person, she’s soooo cute.

    1. Thanks! I’ve just got to make it through one more week of craziness, now. Which is a good thing, because I’m about to tip over from exhaustion! Good luck with the end of semester craziness, yourself!


  2. You do sound very busy! Its good to hear from you, and the cat is adorable – I hope she is settling in well.

    I also had a fingering weight stripey sort of vest in mind for my second vestvember item. Ha ha! I didn’t even finish the first one! I’m petite, too, and you’re right that worsted/aran weight can be a bit bulky for folks like us. I think I’ll rip that one and do something un-patterned after all.

    1. This semester has been nuts! I’ve been missing my blog, and reading everyone else’s blogs, too, but I just can’t keep up. Nina is settling in even better than I expected…she’s such a sweet, laid-back kitty.

      I saw so many people finish multiple vests in November, and I couldn’t even finish one heavy-gauge one! But I’ll be much happier ripping it to knit something else, anyway.


    1. Thanks! I’ve missed my blog. I’ve been keeping up (sort of) with yours, but haven’t found the time to comment lately. Your new sweater looks great, by the way!


  3. Thanks for the post! It was good to hear what you’ve been up to. Your new kitty is very adorable. I love that picture of your Stripes sweater. Now I’m off to investigate yarn for a Stripes sweater of my own!

    1. I’ve been missing blogging so much this semester! I’d love to see more people knit up Stripes!. It’s such a happy sweater to wear when winter gets all dark and dreary.


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