still here

i love fall. [365x2.114]

Just dropping by the blog to say hello. I’ve been knitting (specifically, on the purple gansey, which is inching ever closer to completion), and thinking through some designs as well, but am also very busy, and have been (unsuccessfully) fighting against exhaustion, achiness, and congestion that I just can’t kick. It’s been a dreary week here (although today, which is when I took that picture you see above, has been glorious), so I don’t have much in the way of photographic evidence of said knitting endeavors. C’est la vie.

So, it’s October now, and that means Socktoberfest, among other things. It’s funny how socks have just completely fallen off my radar lately. I just can’t get my mind off sweaters. Designing them, and knitting them. I’ve got ideas for a few non-sweaters in my head, too (including a sock!), but it’ll be awhile before I can find the time and energy to write and knit them up. I do have one sock on the needles right now: my “tutoring sock”, for those times when my students decide not to show up for their appointments and I have to kill time in the tutoring office. We’ll see if I finish it up before the month is out…I actually hope I don’t, because I enjoy tutoring, and like it when my students show up!

October also means Rhinebeck. I’m so excited about going there this year, but also nervous. I just don’t always handle big crowds very well, and if I’m still feeling under the weather, it could be pretty tough. But I’m really eager to meet so many of you in person, and I’ll be honest, I’m eager to show off my Rhinebeck cardigan, too. I wore it three times last week, that’s how much I love it.


6 thoughts on “still here

  1. Oh I WISH I was going to Rhinebeck. Travel like that just doesn’t happen with my two kiddies, though I got to spend a day at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool (not as big, of course, but lovely all the same), so I shouldn’t really complain.

    I hope you can rest up and feel better!

  2. mick

    We’ve had a busy, dreary week here, too. You’ll have a great time at Rhinebeck, I bet. There will be lots of people, but it’s out in the country so you can easily find open space to clear your head. Of course, I’ve never been so I’m just conjecturing here :)

  3. Fall quarter is always exhaustingly busy, isn’t it? I have dug out socks-in-progress, and my Socktoberfest goal is to finish them up.

    Have fun at Rhinebeck! It always looks amazing. I’m glad to hear, though, that I’m not the only one who sometimes feels overwhelmed by crowds.

  4. I’m sorry you’ve been under the weather — that’s not a fun feeling at all. I hope you’ve kicked it before Rhinebeck, because I’m looking forward to living vicariously through the folks who actually get to go! :)

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