…and I’m back.


I finished comps on Thursday at 5pm, but took several days to recover to even marginally normal status. I’m still feeling terribly wiped out and exhausted, and a little bit under the weather, and I have no idea what to think about what I wrote for my exam. I suppose it’s better to just not think about it at all, until I get feedback. Which could be awhile, given how these things tend to go here. I’ve got plenty of other things to be thinking about, anyway, what with classes starting today! I’m co-teaching a class this semester, which I’m very excited about. Our first meeting is tomorrow, but I think we’re ready. Tonight is my first symphony rehearsal since last Spring, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of my orchestra friends again. But given that I barely practiced at all this summer (comps reading tends to swamp out everything else), I’m a little worried that I’m not going to be able to play well enough!

The day I finished comps, a box arrived from Webs, containing some yarn I’d ordered for swatching purposes. Remember how I told y’all that I had a bunch of ideas involving roositud and vikkel braids, and that I wanted to try out the new St-Denis Nordique yarn? Well, here’s both:


The blue-green yarn is St-Denis Nordique, in “Blue Eggshell”, and the white yarn is Classic Elite Fresco, a lovely blend containing some angora, in White. The Blue Eggshell color is pretty much my favorite color ever in the whole wide world of colors. I was interested in seeing how the halo of the Fresco looked in a roositud motif, against the nice clean stitch definition of the Nordique. It turns out, the look is pretty lovely:


That’s just a little roositud motif I doodled up, hoping to evoke both flowers and snowflakes, if such a thing is possible. I held the Fresco doubled, both because that’s a good idea when you’re doing roositud (which is basically just weaving yarn back and forth in your knitting to create designs as you knit), and also because the Fresco is a finer yarn (at least in my hands) than the Nordique, which is called a sportweight, but knits up pretty happily at DK weight, as well. I decided to teach myself how to do vikkel braids, as well, still with the Fresco doubled:

vikkel braid

I love it! I probably should have tried to follow the directions for the “3 color” braid (which allows for the row above the braid to be entirely one color, instead of alternating as in the braid) instead of the “2 color” braid, but in any case, it’s a neat little detail, and one that I look forward to using. I’m envisioning something like that roositud motif, circling the yoke of a sweater, with a line of vikkel braiding where the hem/cuff/neckline ribbing joins the body of the sweater.

I’m still debating what I want to do with all of the design ideas that are in my head (and in Stickies on the desktop of my Mac, since I don’t trust my head all that much these days!). I’m tempted to put some stuff together to submit to various places that publish patterns, but at the same time, I’m perfectly happy to just keep pretty much knitting “for myself”, and writing things up if people are interested. I like being able to do things on whatever schedule I can handle. But it’s awfully tempting to try to get a pattern published somewhere, just because I know more people would see it that way, and that’s kind of an exciting thought. But the other problem is that most of the ideas I have are for things that are more appropriate for fall or winter, and I know that’s not how things work when it comes to pattern publishing…right now I’m pretty sure everyone is looking for spring and summer designs. So maybe that will have to wait, anyway. We’ll just see.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my progress on the cardigan I’m knitting for Rhinebeck. It’s actually slightly further along than this, since I took this picture on Sunday and knit a bit on it yesterday evening. I’m hoping to be ready to join at the yoke this weekend, and start knitting the awesome maple-leaf nupp/lace motif that I’ve sketched out.

rhinebeck sweater progress

Happy September, everyone!


9 thoughts on “…and I’m back.

  1. mick

    That blue eggshell is so gorgeous; it’s really soft, and not a color I’ve ever seen in yarns. I may have to check out the St. Denis line. Also, the cardigan is coming along so well. Yay for post-comps knitting time!

    • It really is a gorgeous color, and the Nordique yarn is truly wonderful to knit with. I think it may be my new favorite basic yarn…or at least, one of my several favorites :)


  2. barefootrooster

    hooray for you — i’m sure everything went super well with your comps. happy back to school, and whoa, this swatch is GORGEOUS.

    • Thanks! I’m not so sure of that myself, but we shall see what sort of feedback I get. Happy back to school to you, too!

      I’m pretty excited about this swatch…too bad I’ve got so many other things on the needles right now (and only one skein of each yarn!), or else I’d be casting on for a new sweater based on this swatch right away.


  3. I’m really excited to see what you’re cooking up, and I congratulate you on having survived the comps even if you’re a little worse for the wear! Love the robin’s egg swatch — I’m always a fan of vikkel braid.

    It sounds like you’re in a similar place to me in terms of design ideas and what to do with them. I’ve been thinking lately about some more interesting self-publishing angles than just putting free patterns on my blog; I’d be interested in sharing ideas with you if you want to chat about it sometime!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty excited about this swatch, and want to put vikkel braids on everything now.

      I would *love* to chat with you about self-publishing ideas!


  4. Congratulations on surviving comps! You are right not to fret too much about them until the feedback arrives — that way lies madness. But those swatches on the other hand are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what they become when they grow up :)

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