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I finished reading everything on my comps list at the beginning of the week.  Since my exam doesn’t start until Monday, that meant getting a little under a week for putting my notes and thoughts together, and most importantly, resting and relaxing before the big event.  The day I finished my last reading, I spent the evening knitting this:


I’ve had this idea burning in my brain for awhile now, ever since I got that Nancy Bush book I was talking about in my last post.  I’m going to be using a modified nupp/lace motif, writ large in Beaverslide worsted weight (in the most gorgeous “Clearwater” color), in the yoke of a cardigan.  I just cannot get over that gorgeous combination of lace and texture, especially at a much heavier gauge.  It makes me absurdly happy.  So happy that I just could not help myself, yesterday…I spent much of the day knitting and watching old episodes of “This American Life” from our Netflix “Watch Instantly” queue.  And now I have most of the body of a cardigan knit, a cardigan that I hope to wear at Rhinebeck. (EDIT: Looking at my swatch now, I realize that, with a few more modifications, that nupp/lace motif could be turned into a stylized maple leaf, very appropriate for Rhinebeck and the season it takes place during, and I am now determined to make that happen. EDIT (one hour later): And now I have charted out a nupp/lace maple leaf. It is so perfect it makes me giddy!).

I am so obsessed with all things Estonian at the moment; as I mentioned in my previous post, I have a ton of design ideas incorporating traditional Estonian colorwork, texture, and lace stitches in somewhat unexpected ways.  This cardigan is just the first of many.  I’ll probably knit up my ideas, piece by piece, regardless of what anyone says, but I am curious whether you dear blog readers would enjoy seeing me knit up (and possibly write up patterns for) a series of Estonian-inspired sweaters/vests/skirts/etc.  What do you think?  Does that sound like fun?  I’ve thought through which yarns in my stash would work for some of my designs, and bought a few skeins of yarn for swatching purposes, too.  I’m debating whether I want to try submitting some designs someplace, but I also like the idea of just knitting up whatever ideas I have on my own pace, self-publishing patterns if there’s sufficient interest.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the other projects/designs on my plate…I’m still working on babyStripes!, and the modernized gansey, and I also still intend to write up a pattern for Garter Whimsy at some point in the very near future. For right now, though, the easiest project for me is this new cardigan; I know my measurements much better than I know the measurements of a Hypothetical One Year Old Baby, and am so familiar with yoked sweater construction at this point that I can kind of go on autopilot, using the sweater as my canvas for playing around with things like nupp and lace motifs. We’ll see how things shake out, after I’ve taken my comps…I suspect there’s going to be quite a burst of energy on the knitting front come September, but since I’m actually going to be teaching (and not just TAing) this coming semester, I’ll probably still be pretty busy.

Since this is probably the last post I’ll write up until after comps are over, I’ll close by sharing some excitement from our garden:

harvest! [365x2.72]

We harvested our first three tomatoes last night! We (like so many others in the north east) were struck with late blight, and had to hack away large portions of our tomato plants, so we’re very grateful to be getting any tomatoes at all. We’ve also been able to harvest some cayenne peppers, and we’ve got green peppers and eggplants still growing, which will hopefully make it to harvest-time intact. Not bad for our first year figuring out this veggie-gardening thing, really.

Well, see y’all on the other side of comps! I hope everybody has a lovely end of August. You know, to the extent that the hottest, muggiest couple of weeks of the year can be lovely. Anyway. Farewell for now!


11 thoughts on “nupps!”

  1. whitney, i’ve been so behind! those tomatoes look so freaking nommy. good luck on monday! i know you’ll do so well :)

  2. Good luck with comps! It’s cool to see how all of that focused reading really gave you a jump in creativity once you relaxed a little bit. I’m excited to see what you make.

  3. Oh, I like those nupps in the heavier weight yarn. Eagerly awaiting your new designs!
    Our CSA farm was hit HARD by that tomato blight. They had to kill 4000 plants!
    And as always, good luck with comps. You’re almost there!

  4. I’d love to see your designs. I have the exact same colorway of Beaverslide, and now I’ve got knitting envy.

    I bet that at this very moment you’re kicking some major comps butt!!!

  5. I love to watch tv shows on Netflix watch instantly while I’m knitting! I usually watch the office though :)

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