le tour de gansey part trois

le Tour de Gansey, part trois: Stage 6

We got a little peek of what’s to come in this stage last time, but now we’re really here…

Stage 6: (faux) Gussets

You may recall from last year’s tour how much our knitter loved her underarm gussets. Well, the trouble with creating a more modernized, fitted gansey, is that set-in sleeves don’t really warrant a gusset. But our knitter could not bear to be gussetless, and so incorporated faux gussets as a design element in this sixth stage:


As you can see, the baby cable running up the side seam was split, and instead of increasing stitches in between the two legs, as would be necessary for an actual gusset, the legs were cabled outwards, with purl stitches filling the center. The end result looks very much like the beloved underarm gussets of last year, though without any actual increasing done.

gansey body, waiting for sleeves

With that, the body section of the gansey is finished, and now it must wait for sleeves. This is a different method of construction than in a traditional gansey, where the body would be split at this point, and knit up to the shoulders, with sleeves picked up and stitches knit down. Stay tuned for coverage of some sleeve action in Stage 7!

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