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Stripes! is now available!

Stripes! Front Page

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of my test-knitters and the friends who helped me edit the pattern, Stripes! is finally available as a Ravelry download. You can also visit its Pattern Page here on this blog.

I am so excited to be able to offer this pattern/tutorial! I decided not to make it free, which was something I agonized over a bit. But in the end, if I believe that creative people deserve to be compensated fairly for their work (which I do), then it makes no sense for me to not accept compensation myself. To alleviate my discomfort with charging for the pattern, I have decided to donate 20% of the proceeds to Heifer International to help support their efforts towards sustainability and the alleviation of hunger and poverty around the world. Heifer International is one of my very favorite charitable organizations, and I’m happy to use pattern sales to increase my charitable donation budget.

I hope those of you who have been eagerly awaiting this pattern will be delighted with the final result!

5 thoughts on “Stripes! is now available!”

  1. Yaaaaaaaaay! I’m so excited. Thanks for putting in all of the work to do this. I also love Heifer International; we bought a poultry basket for one of J’s groomsmen for the wedding.

    And now to head to my Ravelry queue…

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