le tour de gansey part trois

le Tour de Gansey, part trois: Stages 1-3

My apologies for the delay in coverage of le Tour de Gansey, part trois! Thanks to my disorganization, coverage of the early stages is going to be quite limited, but I’ll try to keep things on track from here on out. Today, by the way, was the first day that I could knit while watching the Tour de France; I’ve been away on vacation, and then busy with meetings and errands from the time I got home, so it was quite nice to be able to relax for a little while, letting Phil and Paul (and Bob and Craig, the latter of whom I rather dislike) get me back into the spirit of le Tour!

Stage One: The Cast-On

There are no photos from this stage, because I am a silly person and did not think to take any. However, if you’re curious what the cast-on looks like, you can always see last year’s coverage, since I used the same Channel Island cast-on that I used in last year’s gansey. I just can’t get enough of that sturdy, picot-like edge on a band of garter stitch.

Stage Two: The Welt and Join

Again, no photos. My apologies! Like the previous stage, it was very similar to last year’s Stage Two, the only difference being in the manner in which the welts were overlapped. This year, I’m doing something slightly different with my side stitches, so when I overlapped my welts, I did so in a way that created a tiny 2-stitch cable, which runs up each side of the gansey. You’ll see that in the next stage!

Stage Three: Pattern Motifs and Seam Stitches

Unlike the two previous Tour de Ganseys, this year’s gansey has full-body patterning. As such, the pattern motifs started just after the welts were joined. Our photo-coverage begins with a shot of the “seam stitches”, which in this gansey consist of a baby cable with a purl stitch on either side. This is then surrounded with some chevrons, and a garter divider:

gansey progress!

The waist-shaping (coming up in Stage Four!) will be done on the outside of that garter divider, placing the shaping a few inches away from the seam stitches. Waist shaping is not a standard feature on a traditional gansey, but since this gansey is intended to be a more fitted, modernized gansey, you can expect to see a few not-so-traditional touches here and there!

The pattern motifs are ones I specifically designed to evoke aspects of the tour. The central panel is a slightly-altered version of the mountain-peaks motif I designed for last year’s gansey (evoking my beloved mountain stages). It is surrounded by vertical panels of pine-trees (evoking the glorious landscapes they travel though), which are themselves flanked by flags (evoking the finish line), which are flanked by zig-zags (evoking the switchbacks of the mountain stages), which are flanked by the aforementioned chevrons at the waist (evoking tire tracks). It will be easier to see these body motifs as the gansey grows, so expect to see more of them in later stages. For now, here’s a photo in which you can see the central mountain peak motif, surrounded by pine trees:

gansey progress!

Next up, Stage Four: Waist Shaping. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “le Tour de Gansey, part trois: Stages 1-3”

  1. Ah, I love watching your coverage of your own Tour de Gansey. I’m sure this is going to be just as wonderful as the last one. What yarn are you using this time?

    1. Thanks! I’m using Schoeller Stahl Morea (a sportweight) this time. I’ve had it in my stash for years now, and it seemed like a gansey would be the perfect thing to knit from it.


  2. I love when you do your Tour de Gansey. So inspiring! Your design plan sounds gorgeous, and I’m so excited to follow along.

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